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Short Storie. Essay

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This story takes place in a small town near California called Cloverrail where Julie Banks attends her grade 12 year at Lord Seedsmuir High. Julie lived everyday the same, she would go to school (most of the time), hang out with her best friends Jolleen and Amy, do her homework and spend most of her quality time with her boyfriend Brad of over 2 ½ years. As you noticed there was no work involved, Julie was an only child and her parents gave her anything that she wanted so she didn't need to work for a living. She lived an awesome life people said, everyone wanted to be just like her, she was smart, pretty, and all the girls were in love with her boyfriend. Brad was a popular jockey kind of guy, he loved to play sports, he was the star player on the school football team and had scholarships and opportunities coming from everywhere after graduation. Julie and Brad had been going out for three years now coming up in the summer and were planning to move out together after graduation. They were the perfect couple like everyone said, they never really fought like some of the other couples, they were meant for each other. At school Julie and her friends had a clique they were thought of as the "popular" girls, Julie, Amy, and Jolleen they were all kind of stuck up in a way but all had there nice sides, well except for Amy. Amy was a tall slender girl with red hair and fair skin and was also the captain of the girls cheerleading team and was a very good dancer but not quite the brightest crayon in the box, if you know what I mean. Jolleen was the third one out of their little "group" she was a very tiny girl but very pretty with brownish hair with blonde highlights and very tanned she used to be a model a couple years ago and became anorexic so she had to stop because she got too sick and didn't want to go back and have that happen all over again. Brad had friends too, but his best friend was named Jamie, Jamie was sort of an asshole I guess, he didn't really care about anyone except for himself, Julie never really understood how Brad liked him but whatever guys are weird that way. It was getting on to the end of the school year which meant lots of parties and of course Julie would be attending all of these parties, she wouldn't miss one for anything so that meant she had to start buying some outfits, So after school that day they stopped by Julies fathers work so she could run in to borrow his credit card so she could buy a couple outfits for the parties happening in the upcoming month. While the three girls were at the mall Julie started to feel Ill she looked At her watch and it reminded her to take her pill that she takes usually everyday at three thirty, but like that happens at all, she opened the package and noticed it was empty and she totally forgot she had finished her pack yesterday but hadn't gotten her period yet, but it was only a day late so it wasn't that big of a deal. When Julie got home she started trying on accessories and...

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