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Short Story

A tall, thin looking girl emerged at the top of the stairway. She had
a face as pale as milk with a scruffy mop of long curly ginger hair
flowing down around it. She had a look of deep sadness on her face but
still seemed to have a warm essence about her.

Samantha ambled slowly down the dusty stairway humming to herself
along the way. She was one of those people who was always stringing
words together to make tunes, this was her one escape from reality,
well that and long walks along the quarry side on Thursday afternoons.

She moved slowly and gracefully through the hallway and into the
dinning room.

“Samantha Jane Smith, you’re late again! Well what have you got to
say for yourself?”

“I’m really sorry Mrs Longhurst”

“Is that it” This was said quietly and almost in a gentle, caring way
by Mrs Longhurst, “Well child can you not even come up with a decent
excuse?” Her voice turned to evil, pure evil. She shouted so loudly
that the pigeons were disturbed in Trafalgar. Tears formed in
Samantha’s eyes as she hung her head and tried desperately not to make
eye contact with anyone in the room. A sharp shout came from the far
end of the dinning hall. “Oh look! What a surprise! Samantha has
turned on the water works yet again! What a baby!” The whole room
seemed to simultaneously start chanting - the most horrific chanting
you have ever heard. “Baby, baby, baby,.......” Was there no end to
this torture? The thing is that this was not just a one off
occurrence. This chanting and mental abuse went on every morning lunch
time and evening and the only reason it didn’t happen every minute of
every day was that Samantha locked herself in her room and only came
out at meal times.

You may be thinking that that this can’t be true and nothing like this
would ever happen in this developed country, but you are wrong. More
wrong than you can ever imagine. Do you really believe that there is a
place for every unwanted child, and that they are treated well in
children's homes. The children there are feed and given a bed to sleep
in and that’s all. I will leave it to you to decide whether this right
or wrong, but either way there is always one child who is picked on,
in this case Samantha

Heinshore was the children's home that Samantha was in. It was as
black and dark as night. It was one of those houses you only ever see
in horror or ghost films on T.V. and like they are made out in such
programs they are cold, creepy and very dark and unsettling. No place
for children.

“Baby, baby, baby.....” Samantha turned and ran, tears flooding down
her face. She could hear the chanting behind her as it faded out the
further up the stairs she got. Into her room she ran and locked the

Her room was dark and cold. It had bare floorboards that were roughly

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