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Short Story Called "Starting Over" Essay

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I stood against the ledge, and looked up at the sky. It was one of the palest blues I've ever seen. The wind brushed against my face, and I now knew what heaven was like. I wanted to spread my arms and fly down to the bottom. I wanted to run away, from everything. I simply wanted to run away. I heard a voice. That voice."Claire." I lifted my face toward the sky, imagining what it would be like, to simply fly away. I wanted to fly away from that voice, right then and there."Claire!" I heard it once again. "Claire, get away from the ledge." I turned around. "Didn't you hear me?" No, I thought. No, I didn't hear you and I never want to hear you again.I very reluctantly walked towards her. "Yes. Yes, I heard you.""So, why didn't you answer me then?" I ignored the question, and walked to the house. I walked directly to my room, closing the door, careful not to slam it. The door opened. "So, why didn't you answer me then?""I don't know. I'm sorry." She rolled her eyes and walked away. I sat down on the bed, and picked up the book sitting beside me, on the end table, reading the title out loud once again. "The women who broke all the rules." I leaned against the wall, and began reading.I heard the front door open, and then my father's voice. I wanted to run up to him. I wanted to run and throw myself in his arms, and cry, releasing everything I've kept from him in my 16 years of existence. But, I knew I couldn't. I promised myself, I would never let them see me cry. My door opened again. "I'm home, hun."I looked up at him. "Oh hi.""How are you? How was your day? Miss school yet?""Okay. Fine. Kinda." He seemed disappointed, and softly closed the door, without responding.I began reading again. My mind was foggy, and cluttered. I found myself rereading each sentence over and over. I sighed. Put the book down, and laid my head against my soft, feather pillow, with the navy blue pillow case. I looked up at my ceiling, the lightest of blue, just like the sky, just how I wanted it. I closed my eyes and almost immediately drifted off to sleep, a...

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907 words - 4 pages , middle and an end, on the other hand, the short story starts in the middle called media res plot. In other words, the short story has a direct start in the middle, with a very relevance event. The short story starts out with a flashback of Annie's father's death, here she starts telling how she saw her father after he died. When the flashback ends, the narrator directly goes on with the next flashback. Several short stories typically have up

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