Technology And Its Positive Impact On The World

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Technology and its Positive Impact On the World
More than ever, technology is molding the way we lead our lives. Between searching the web for answers, and checking our emails throughout the day, the effects of advanced technology on our everyday lives, has only begun. In fact, many believe that a new generation is on the rise, and that man will become one with the machine. Historically, technology as we know it has come a long way, and long gone are the days we lived without it. Society is nearing a time in which our outdated ways of thinking about the technological architecture that supports us may soon be obsolete. With the use of advanced technology, our relationships, freedom of speech, lifestyle, and health care are positively changing by the continual refinement of technology.
At the rate technology is advancing, it comes to no surprise that our relationships and social life shifts with it. Things that were once simple, such as handwriting a letter or mailing a postcard, seem as ancient as carving on stone. Who needs to go through all that trouble when an individual can use an email address that can send a message out in no time? Some would say, “we are living in an age of electronic intimacy” (Electronic Intimacy). Christine Rosen, an author and senior editor of “The New Atlantis”, supports this point of view with great clarity in her article entitled “Electronic Intimacy.” With frequent developments in electronics, our relationships are taking on new forms whether we like it or not. While being technically inclined can enhance our social life and relationships, it can also help remove loneliness from one’s life, and help like-minded people come together. In a world of constant stimulation with the use of the Internet, and cellular phones, our relationships can be altered significantly, yet most people have probably made more friends online than in person. Telecommunication has given people a way to reach the world, and sites like Facebook, and Twitter has open doors to develop friendships for free. This inevitably has been a plus for many being that it can be challenging forming bonds the traditional way. Thanks to “instantaneous global communication,” some of the hardships in meeting like-minded people have been removed (“Electronic Intimacy”). In addition “scientists have documented that we experience a dopamine rush when we receive a new e-mail in our in-boxes”(“Electronic Intimacy”). To elaborate, dopamine, a neurotransmitter in our body commonly associated with pleasure, love, and excitement, is increasingly reactive to our use of the web and will continue to as long as online interactions are standard in our social life.
On the other hand, many believe that technology is the cause for many issues in people’s lives today. Typically, there will always be those that have adverse experiences from those who have not. Some sources such as Dr. Panipimol Wipulakorn advocates that...

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