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Quincy Jones: A Perspective Of His Life

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There have been many pioneers in the music industry ones that have started new trends, and changed the game of music forever. Quincy Jones is one of those pioneers that has stood the test of time in this world that we call the music industry. At the age of 80 Jones has spent his time coming up the ranks in the music world.
Quincy Delight Jones, Jr. was born on Chicago's South Side in 1933. At the tender age of ten he moved, with his father and stepmother, to Bremerton an area located in Seattle, Washington. He began to fall in love with music when he was in elementary school. He had no preference on what he played so he nearly all the instruments (including his voice) in his school band before choosing the trumpet. In his early teens, Jones became friends with a local singer-pianist, only three years older than him, named Ray Charles. The two of them started a small band and bang playing in club and wedding ...view middle of the document...

During this time he was holding an executive position at Mercury Records this was just a stepping stone in the right direction for Mr. Quincy Jones. By obtaining the position of vice-president at Mercury Records in 1961, Jones was the first black executive of an established major record company. Toward the end of his association with Mercury Records, Jones focused his attention to another musical areas that had been closed to blacks; the writing and producing of movie scores. In 1963, he started work on the music for The Pawnbroker, this would be the first of 33 major motion picture scores Quincy would produce in. Jones would produce Michael Jackson's first solo album Off the Wall. There were eight million copies sold, this album was considered to have made Jackson an international superstar and Quincy Jones the most sought-after record producer in the business. Jackson and Jones teamed up again in 1982 to make Thriller. Not realizing the that "Lighting does not strike twice" but when the dynamic duo came together again hey made history, selling over 30 million copies around the world and producing an six Top Ten singles, including "Billie Jean," "Beat It" and "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" which was completely unheard of. "In 1985, he co-produced Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of Alice Walker’s The Color Purple, which garnered eleven Oscar nominations, introduced Whoopi Goldberg and Oprah Winfrey to film audiences, and marked Quincy’s debut as a film producer." After that moment Jones felt that he was going on to the right directions, for his ultimate path to success.
In the early 1990's Quincy Jones began to try his hand at producing score for some of the most well known sitcoms on television. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the Cosby Show and Sanford and son were just some of the projects he took on. One of his most well renown productions was a remake of the popular movie the Wizard of Oz, called the Wiz. He worked music giants like Diana Ross, and Michael Jackson in which he would work with to produce number on hits across the board.

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