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Quinoa Has Lead To A Major Economic Evolution In Peru

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Quinoa’s importance has evolved tremendously since its first appearance during the early Incan Empire. Quinoa has boosted the Peruvian Economy extraordinarily and is only continuing that streak. The Ancient Incan Empire was one of the first to discover Quinoa. In Ancient times, the quinoa production was quite low compared to what it is today, because they kept it within their empire for the most part. Quinoa back then was not exported to a variety of civilizations, whereas it is in modern times Quinoa is a product from the Andes Mountains that is a gluten free grain (Cooking with Quinoa). In modern times it has been a major economic boost for Peru, because they have exported so much of it that the income rate of cash has gone up significantly, and changed Peru’s economy drastically. Which is a major food product in Peru, and has boosted their economy, around $23 million in one year (Quinoa Selection). This staple crop has been a major impact on the Andean economy, especially Peruvian economy.. While Quinoa has been grown in Peru since ancient times, in the modern world, it has become more economically significant to the Peruvian economy.

The Incan empire was one of the biggest empires in the 1400s-1500s, and was located along the Andes Mountains in what is now known as Peru. Mountains are not known for having the perfect soil for farming, because they have such a steep incline, and also are usually filled with rocks and other stone-like materials. In fact, the Andes were not perfect at all, because of the rocky soil that was in it. The Incans built terraces along the mountainsides so they could plant fantastic crops that could feed their huge empire. In modern days the Incans would not be seen as having a great system of currency, because they did not have a great system of currency, so it was hard for them to have a great economy. Quinoa was important to the Incan empire for different reasons, because they traded quinoa amongst themselves and to people farther away (“Inca Transportation and Trade”). Quinoa was not something that boosted their economy so much, because they did not have a great system of currency (Jarus).

Quinoa during the Incan Empire was a major crop for the people there, because most of the Incas ate this crop, it was so abundant to them, and it was easy for them to grow. One myth said that quinoa was believed to boost the entire military’s strength and power (Forbes). Quinoa did not impact their economy as much as it does now. However, there were some long-distance trades. Quinoa was traded quite far during the Incan Empire, however, it was never traded in heavy loads, because they carried everything on smaller animals such as llamas (“Inca Transportation and Trade”). However, the Empire did not show characteristics of having a great system of currency (Jarus). Incans traded things such as clothes, and food, and other such items. This was a major benefit for them, because they could be separated...

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