A Long Time Ago In A Film Format Far, Far Away

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With a majority of moviegoers not even realizes that the film that is going to be projected could be a print film reel or a digital copy of the film on a disc, should it be wrong to have one format completely replace the other? Since 1892, 35-milimeter celluloid print films was the dominant form of technology in the film industry for making and distributing movies (Alan). As time went on and technology grew, the format of digital cinema became more popular due to the accessibility of buying a digital camera and ease of filming and editing a movie more efficiently. Since the early 21st century, film experts and makers alike have started a industry war on whether or not film should be shot and release digitally or should stay in a tradition made more than a century ago. With past equipment being a modern burden, theaters embracing the current technology time have provided them, and many companies are already changing their direction, digitally formatted films is the only choice for modern film.
Digitally formatted films will help overcome many issues and complications of print film, such as the cost and overall hardship of the physical reel, which plagued moviemakers and theaters alike. “What once cost $100,000 might now cost $10,000” (Varenas). The film industry spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on filming and printing footages of many films and sending the prints to theaters. By converting to hard drives and memory cards, film companies can save up to 90% of what was originally paid. The hard drives and memory cards can also be replaced and reused, saving the companies more money to make more films. “Those heavy, bulky canisters belongs to the mechanical past, along with the whir of the projectors and the shudder of the sprockets locking into their holes” (Dargis). Print films and the canisters that held them were very large and heavy to carry. Most films needed two canisters of a print film reel in order to show the entire story and theaters needed multiple copies of the film. There have also been many times before a print film is destroyed or damaged while being shown. Strips of the film reel might become entangled with the projected or bits of reel could be scratched or burnt.
The theaters of today have or are preparing to make the switch to digital, many using the perks that are included with that decision. “The vast majority of today’s theaters – 88%, according to the National Association of Theatre Owners -- have made the jump to digital” (Leopold). The National Association of Theatre Owners reported that there are about 39,641 movie theaters in the Untied States, meaning that about 34.884 of these theaters have the equipment needed to show digital films. The HIS Screen Digest Cinema Intelligence Service estimated that by 2015, only 17% of global screens will show a 35mm film (Lowe). Theses 17% of theaters comes from developing nations who do not have the money and resource to switch to digital. “The systems at Regal and Landmark...

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