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Quite An Epic Change Essay

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Growing up, I only knew one type of hero, and that type was the fictional kind with superheroes, but my mentality changed as I got older and wiser and now I stand my ground that a hero is someone or something that changes in a good way which helps in their decision in the process of an action or deed . From this, I say both Gilgamesh and Enkidu match my own personal idea of a hero. Even though Gilgamesh and Enkidu are practically equals, they are heroes in their own way of changing throughout the epic. Supporting reasons for this are that, I think Enkidu fits my personal idea of a hero because he helped out Gilgamesh in times of need when he was against ideas in the first place such as going against Humbaba and the Bull of Heaven sent by Ishtar. On the other hand, even though he did not do any great deed, I still believe Gilgamesh fits my personal idea of a hero because he goes on a journey for eternal life but only to change to end up a new person which in my book means he becomes a hero.
So for Enkidu, he matches my own personal idea of a hero because of two instances. One instance was when he and Gilgamesh fought Humbaba. Enkidu was against the idea of fighting Humbaba for he was deemed a very scary and powerful being. This is shown by the imagery Enkidu says which represent Humbaba’s power like, “ His sound is like a flood’s sound,” meaning stuff in his path trembles in his wake and ,”..from his mouth springs fire,” which signifies him to be not a human but a strong creature. Even with that in mind though, Enkidu still decides to stick with Gilgamesh and work with him to slay Humbaba. In this doing, Enkidu might have prevented Gilgamesh from dieing alone against Humbaba.
The other instance is when Enkidu decides to kill the Bull of Heaven. The Bull of Heaven was sent to make Gilgamesh suffer because he made a fool of the Goddess Ishtar and angered her. Enkidu had nothing to do with the Bull of Heaven and he had no motive to kill it, but the fact that Gilgamesh was his friend was why he decided to assist him. From the fight with the Bull of Heaven though, Enkidu’s injuries got worse, which ultimately led to his death. He didn’t have to die, but it was his choice to help Gilgamesh and his choice alone. This reinforces my idea that Enkidu is a hero because he became human in a way, meaning he changed, and that helped him choose to aid his friend....

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