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Quite The Surprise: Narrative Fiction Essay

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I followed Jett as we walked down the middle of the bus. I could already tell how _eager_ Jett was getting to Leilani. I guess I had no reason to deny that I had done the same thing years before. It wasn't something I wanted to repeat.

"Hey guys!" Leilani smiled, running her hand through her faded pink hair. had looked much brighter when we first got on.

Leilani had a talent for standing out. She was one of those people who could be crazy and no one would ever question it. Even if they did, she would put them in their place.

"Hey!" Jett smiled at Leilani, quickly taking his usual seat next to her.

As routine, I sat behind them. "So!" I leaned over the seat, smiling down at them. "What's the news today?"

Leilani was _always_ caught up with everything, whether it be something with the school, celebrities, music, movies; you name it, she knew it.

"Well," Leilani slapped her hands on her legs, glancing up towards me then at Jett. "I heard that we're having..wait for it, wait for it...a talent show!!!" She laughed. As she finished her sentence, she threw his hands up in the air.

"A talent show? At _our_ school?" Jett's eyes were wide.

"Are you serious?" The words escaped my mouth before I knew it.

Leilani nodded. "Didn't you read the newsletter online today? It was on the front page," She frowned, looking between us. "You two _really_ need to start reading it! What if there was something important?"

I sighed, "It's obvious we never read it Leilani," I laughed. "Now tell us more about the talent show!"

Leilani's face glowed again. "Oh! Right! It's going to take place at the end of the school day in the auditorium!"

"Do we know anyone competing?" Jett asked.

Leilani giggled. "We might."

Both Jett and I looked at each other with slightly wide eyes.

In the years we all had known each other, we knew _exactly_ what it meant when Leilani giggled; she had done something behind our backs.

Jett let out a stifled groan. "Leilani, what did you do?"

Leilani glanced at me, "Okay. Neither of you are going to believe this, but," She smiled brightly. "I signed Jaron up for it!!"

"What?!" I coughed out in surprise, my eyes wide with shock. "Leilani, why would you do that!! I'm not talented!!"

"I would cross your name off. Unless, of course, you want to embarrass yourself," Greg, sitting in front of Jett and Leilani, popped up and looked at us with his usual smug face. His hair was brown and dirtied, scattered across his head in some fashionable way I guessed.

"No one asked you. Mind your own business," Leilani reached her hand up and smacked Greg upside the head and rolled her eyes....

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