Quitting Cigarette Smoking Essay

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Although quitting cigarette smoking may be difficult because the body is so used to and reliant on nicotine, there are various ways to treat someone who is addicted to cigarette smoking. McCook (2005) informs us that smoking is an easy habit to fall into; however, quitting is completely the opposite. Cigarette smoking is a very addictive habit that requires strong motivation, determination, and commitment in order to quit. Cigarette smokers usually start smoking at a young age, usually in high school due to peer pressure or stress. It’s extremely difficult to quit cigarette smoking because over time the body becomes reliant on nicotine and cigarette smokers end up having to buy even more cigarettes to satisfy cravings. There are several reasons why people smoke, the main reason being stress; maintaining everyday life can be difficult for young adults that struggle with school, work, and their social lives. However, in order to make progress, as long as they put in effort and are motivated enough, although it may not be an easy task, they can achieve their goal, which is: quitting cigarette smoking. In an article, McCook (2005) informs the reader about 3 high school students that have one hobby they want to drop: smoking cigarettes. The method they used to quit cigarette smoking was similar to the idea of having a day-to-day journal to track their progress in quitting cigarette smoking. The first step would be to purchase a journal that they can write in to track their progress from day one. The next step would to be start writing their current thoughts such as their current mood, the method they’re using to quit cigarette smoking, and how they will follow up with that method. The last step is to consistently write in the journal on a day-to-day basis and reading past journal entries; this will ultimately help you motivate you to quit cigarette smoking. Another method for cigarette smokers to quit cigarette smoking is to seek a health care professional (Barker, et al., 2005, p.1352). The first step would be for the cigarette smoker to speak to a family doctor or visit a walk-in-clinic to make an...

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