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1. A classification system such as the DSM-5 is judged by its reliability and validity. Define and discuss both reliability and validity and why they are important criteria for DSM-5.

(312) When answering the question we first need to understand what reliability and validity means and why it is important to include them in the criteria to judge DSM-5. Reliability is the consistency of the assessment measurements throughout the test. Whereas validity is when the test actually measures what it is suppose to measure (Comer, 2013, pp.84). Now that we know what reliability and validity are we can now apply it to DSM-5, but what is DSM-5? DSM-5 is shortened from Diagnostic and Statistical ...view middle of the document...

By using a test that is suppose to prove you have ADD to check for depression would be saying the test is not measuring what it was meant for so it is not showing validity (Comer, 2013, pp.84).

2. Describe the purpose and features of DSM-5. Include the difference between categorical information and dimensional information and provide an example of each.

Before answering the question we need to understand what DSM-5 is it is shortened from Diagnostic and Statistical Manual Of mental Disorders and the five shows how much it has changed over the years. This classification wouldn’t be possible without Emil Krapelin who developed the first modern classification system for abnormal behavior which helped form the first DSM. The DSM-5 list approximately 400 mental disorders each one explains the criteria for diagnosing the disorder and key clinical features and sometimes describes features that are often times not related to the disorder. The classification is further explained by the back ground information such as: research finds, age, culture, gender trends, and each disorder’s prevalence, risk, course, complications predisposing factors, and family patterns. The DSM-5 is the only one of the editions that seeks both categorical and dimensional information as part of the diagnosis, rather than categorical information alone (Comer, 2013, pp.100). Now that we know what DSM-5 is we need to know what categorical information and dimensional information mean. Categorical information refers to the name of the disorder indicated by the patient’s symptoms. An example of this would be when a clinician must decide if a patient is showing any of the hundreds of psychological disorders the DSM-5 list. Angela Savanti was showing signs of despondence for over two months with crying spells in between, but the spells didn’t begin till her boyfriend broke up with her which is why the clinician diagnosis her with the most frequently diagnosed disorder depressive disorder and after learning about her indecisiveness over marrying her ex boyfriend the clinician also diagnosis her with a generalized anxiety disorder too (Comer, 2013, pp. 83,100). Whereas dimensional information is the rating of how severe the patient’s symptoms are and how dysfunctional the patient is with multiple personalities. An example of dimensional information would be in addition to diagnosing the disorder the clinicians also assessing the severity of the disorder and how it may affect the patient’s daily lives. The clinicians use the DSM-5 which suggests various rating scales that help when evaluating the server of the disorders. Let take Angela’s Depressive disorder the clinicians would use the Severity of Illness Rating Scale which ask them to indicate where the patient falls on the seven point scale from normal 1 to extremely ill 7. The clinician would probably rank Miss. Savanti at markedly ill a 5 based on her clinical interview, tests, and observations (Comer, 2013, pp.100).

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