Quiz Questions And Answers Chapter 6 Collage Cisa 316

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Chapter 6
Formulas created using the point-and-click method contain absolute references.
To move a worksheet or worksheet group to another location in the same workbook, select the worksheets and then drag and drop them by the selected sheet tabs
When you create a new workbook from a template, an unnamed copy of the template opens. True
If Excel successfully accessed the link and updated the values from the source document, the status in the Edit Links dialog box will be OK
If you delete a value from one cell in a worksheet group, the content is also deleted from the same cell in all the worksheets in the group. True
If the destination file is closed when you make a change in the source file, you can choose whether to update the link to display the current values when you open the destination file.
Once you group a collection of worksheets, any changes you make to one worksheet are applied to all sheets in the group. True
Which of the following is NOT an option for arranging your workbooks? lateral
 The worksheet range Sheet1:Sheet4 references the worksheets, "Sheet1," "Sheet2," "Sheet3," and "Sheet4."
You can create a(n) mixed reference by deleting the $ from the row reference in the cell reference $B$6.
When you click a(n) hyperlink, the computer switches to the file or portion of the file that it references.
In order to reference data located in one workbook in another workbook, you have to create a(n) dialog between the two workbooks. False
A(n) template is a workbook with labels, formats, and formulas already built into it with data removed. True
All template files have a(n) .xltx extension.
When you reference cells and ranges in other worksheets, if the worksheet name contains spaces, you must enclose the sheet name in single quotation marks
If a worksheet group includes all the worksheets in a workbook, you can edit only the active worksheet.
A formula can include a...

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