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The bright colors caught my eye and the image reminded me a little of my hometown. Where I come from there's a large range of ethnicity and when I saw this lithograph it brought back old memories. Of when, I guess you can call them thugs, would drive up and down the streets of Dumas in there decked out lowriders thinking they were the coolest thing since sliced bread. In my opinion I always thought low riders were absurd and that they were a mark down to the cars real stature. Luis Jimenez's lithographs show a true style in which some people portray beauty with there cars.

The title El Corazon lowrider describes the image very well in a Spanish and English translation. Luis Jimenez was born in the United States in 1940 and both his parents were illegal immigrants who had crossed the border between Mexico and Texas to come to the United States. Most of his childhood was spent in his fathers neon sign making shop where he helped his father creatively design and paint the signs. He grew up in hard times and through poverty as a kid and this helped him out by teaching him the most important value in life "art." The El Corazon was done in Texas in 1997.

A basic description of the painting would be that it is a lithograph, done with a watery based ink and a press of limestone that presses the image on the canvas through a series of grease crayon marking and changing of ink colors. The lithograph that is being talked about is of a lowrider that has two passengers' one female and one male. The car is the center of attention in the painting, and there are also things' surrounding the car on the bottom left starts the emission of smoke that then wraps around behind the car and then trails down the bake side of it in a combination of colors.

The painting has certain elements that make it unique; the colors of the painting are derived from five main colors that are...

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