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&Quot;The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty&Quot; By James Thurber

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"The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" is a story about a man who prefers to live in his fantasies rather than dealing with real life. The story begins when a military officer shouts an order for his crew to proceed with a flight in spite of the dangerous conditions. The unyielding commander speaks with confidence and courage, and his crew expresses their faith in him by saying, "The Old Man'll get us through, the Old Man ain't afraid of Hell!" (NA, 1499). Suddenly, Mitty is brought back to reality by a sharp reproach from his wife for driving too fast.
Thurber uses various literary elements to incorporate humor into the story. One way in which the author creates humor around Walter Mitty is by emphasizing the contrast between his real character and the one who he imagines himself to be in his fantasies. In his imagination, he is sharp, attractive, and heroic. Others are in awe of his fearlessness and have faith in his intellect when circumstances seem hopeless. However, in reality Mitty is as laughable to others as the Fantasy Mitty is admirable. He is incompetent and forgetful and succumbs to the demands of his dominating wife, whose presence is necessary since Mitty seems unable to bear his own responsibilities. While he is in his inner world, he is able to command others with a voice that is "like thin ice breaking" (NA, 1498). On the other hand, in the rare instances where he speaks in real life, he seems unconfident and confused, answering others with, "Hmm?" (NA, 1498) or "Gee. Yeh" (NA, 1500).
The story jumps back and forth from his dreams to real life. The timing of the transitions between a fantasy and reality accentuates the differences between his two characters. In his fantasies, he is given just enough time to display his attributes, such as when he fixes the "anesthetizer" to save an important patient, commands a courtroom with a gesture of his hand, or nonchalantly prepares to enter a dangerous mission as a bomber pilot. His reverie is then interrupted by something that reminds the reader of his faults. For example, after Mitty the doctor adeptly fixes a machine with a fountain pen and prepares to operate on an important patient, a humiliating warning from a parking...

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522 words - 2 pages something is wrong with him disregarding his individual mind completely Mrs. Mitty's behaviour is the prime cause of what Mitty has become. One can argue that Mitty's characteristics are solely formed by his wife's attitude towards him.In conclusion, we can say that Walter Mitty's day dreams - where he lives another life, are in a way, forced upon him by his wife's behaviour and the reader is left feeling a litter sympathetic towards the hapless protagonist.BIBLIOGARPHY:THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY AND OTHER PIECES-JAMES THURBER


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816 words - 4 pages a positive impact on other peoples life since nobody has a positive impact on him. So, when you look throughout the story, within his daydreams you can see all the reasons why he feels the need to escape to his daydreams rather than real life. Works Cited Thurber, James. "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty." The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Nov. 2013.

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1820 words - 8 pages Walter fulfill the last picture of Life’s magazine (Stiller). There are so many themes in the shorty story of James Thurber but one that stands out is the versions of reality. The title character of "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" retreats into fantasy as an escape from his reality. In the real world, he is ordinary, passive, and sometimes weak. In his fantasies, Mitty is strong and decisive, and possesses every good quality he lacks in

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