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Elizabeth Wein's Code Name Verity Essay

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It is hard to find that one person in the world that you can always relate too. That one friend knows your personality and perspective. In the book Code Name Verity written by Elizabeth Wein, we see a unique and very special thing of friendship. This amazing friendship we get to see is between two girls, Maddie and Julie. Because of their job and missions, they are both required to have code names throughout the book. These girls know exactly what kind of trouble they would get into if any code name was given away and most importantly, the trust they would break from their friendship. The reason why we see Maddie and Julie have such a strong friendship is because of the time spent between them and the amount of care between the two. Julie is a double agent that does life threatening missions, and Maddie is a pilot that happens to fly her. When preparing to jump out of the back of the plane, Julie says one of the most unique phrases to go out on a bang with. From the beginning to the end of the book, my understanding of the friendship, the plot, and their culture has changed dramatically based on this one quote, “Kiss me hardy!”(68).
The friendship we see between Julie and Maddie is unique in its own way. They are able express all of their past and able to talk like sisters. Throughout the book there are tiny clues to reveal the big plot twist and makes the audience engaged throughout. The biggest scene for me that changed my understanding of the book was on page 68. “Kiss me hardy.”(68) This is part of a passage that really changed my thinking and also set the tone for Julie later on in the book when seeing this quote being said between two girls I thought strongly about how close their relationship really was. Page 69 was the first time that this quote shows up. Previous pages leading up to this quote tell us that Maddie is flying Julie to a certain destination to do her new mission. While Julie is getting ready to jump out, she says to Maddie “Kiss me hardy!” and explains the reasoning for choosing that quote. She talks about a fellow named Nelson and how those were his last words before heading into battle. According to phrase finder, Admiral Horatio Nelson said this to Captain Thomas Hardy before he died in the Trafalgar battle. Before reading about Nelson, I tried to guess who he was and why him. I thought that Nelson was her father’s name and she admired the way that he had died in a previous battle and wanted to be like him. After I research the quote, I found out that Nelson was known as “England's greatest naval hero” and that is why Julie decided to leave Maddie in those final words. The next time that Julie uses it is on page (--) when they are in the middle of the battle field trying to help wounded soldier and Maddie is afraid of her surroundings. The last time “Kiss me hardy!” shows up in the book is when Julie takes her very last breathe before being shot by her best friend Maddie.
From the description and deep detailing Julie...

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