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Microwave Tube Research and Development Centre (MTRDC)
"EM‐POWER Defence Research & Development Organization (DRDO)
TO Ministry of Defence, Government of India,
EMPOWER THE DEFENCE" BE Complex, P.O. Box 1310, Jalahalli, Bangalore‐560013, Karnataka
Fax No. (080) 28381750; Telephone : (080) 28386800;e‐mail: admin o f f i cer@m t rd c .drd o .i n ; w ww.drdo.org


MTRDC, Bangalore is involved in design & development of Microwave Tubes, Microwave Power Module for Radar, Electronic Warfare & Communication System. It has world‐
class facilities in this area. Applications are invited from individuals who desires of pursuing research in the field of vacuum electronic devices encompassing multidisciplinary field of material science, ultra high vacuum, physical electronics, microwave engineering, electro‐magnetics, particle‐in‐cell, and computer aided design/simulation may apply. Selected fellows will have opportunity to register for Ph.D degree at Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, Pune or other reputed universities/institutes. .


Name of
the Post

No. of

Essential Qualification and Experience

of post


Age Limit




Ph.D in Physics on a Topic related to Microwave Tubes OR ME/M. Tech in Microwave
Engineering with 2 years of experience in Research, Teaching, and Design & Development
preferably in Microwave Engineering area. Degrees should be in First Division, wherever Division
or equivalent grading is awarded.

2 Years

Rs. 24,000/‐ pm
with HRA and
Medical facilities
as per rules.

30 Years as on
31 MAR 14


Senior Research Fellow (P)


Microwave Engineering OR Electronics Engineering OR Power Electronics Engineering in First
Division both at Graduate and Post‐Graduate levels, wherever Division of equivalent grading is
awarded. Skills in computer Aided Design is desirable. Candidates who have qualified
UGC/CSIR/NET/GATE examination shall be preferred.

2 Years
(may be
extended further)

Rs. 18,000/‐ pm
with HRA and
Medical facilities as per rules.

32 Years as on
31 MAR 14


Junior Research Fellow


Graduate Degree in Engg/Technology in Material Science/Computer Science Post Graduate
Degree in Material Science/Computer Science in First Division wherever Division or equivalent
grading is awarded.

2 Years (may be extended further)

Rs. 16,000/‐ pm with HRA and Medical facilities as per rules.

28 Years as on
31 MAR 14


Graduate Degree in Engg/Technology in Electronics/Power Electronics, Post Graduate Degree in
Electronics/Power Electronics; in First Division wherever Division or equivalent grading is

GENERAL CONDITIONS: Age relaxation is allowed upto 5 years for SC/ST/PH and 3 years for OBC candidates. Those who belong...

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