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Key Stakeholders Investment In British Airways

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Key stakeholders of British Airways include customers, employees, those who have invested in BA by buying shares of the business as well as corporate organizations. To analyze the stake holders in BA the power/interest matrix (Gardner et al, 1986) can be applied in terms of its power and matrix. Brand reputation, economy of scale and cost control are some the key success factors of BA. In addition to Boston Matrix can position BA’s business in terms of short haul (cash cow business) and long haul (star business).
• Long haul – it is in a growing market however a large investment is needed to strengthen and expand the market share.
• Short haul – The high - high situation means BA is in competitive lucrative position.
• BA’s approach towards corporate social responsibility on social is that it has decided to enable up to 500 applicants in a year to realize their dreams through the London 2012 Great Britain program. It is also taking initiatives in helping vulnerable children around the world. On environmental, BA is planning to reduce CO2 emission by 50% by 2050. It is also trying to reduce the noise per flight by 15% by 2015. BA has plans to recycle its waste up to 50 percent by 2010 and aims to send zero waste to landfill by 2010 across Heathrow and Gatwick. Waste management – increase their overall level of recycling to 60% by 2015 (, 2009).
• BA’s workplace strategy integrates corporate responsibility principles throughout the organization. Their diversity team provides training and advice on discrimination law.

Strategic goals and values of British Airways

British Airways provides five strategic goals:
1. Airline of choice: Remain the top choice for international flights for premium customers as well as cargos, economy and shorter flights.
2. Top quality service: Provide the best quality customer services to passengers on all routs and class of travels and improve online services.
3. Key Global city growth: continue to expand the list of top-tier cities through airline partnerships.
4. Expand the leading position in London - Maintain Heathrow Airport as a world-class hub and influence government policy and airport owners in continued support.
5. Meet customers’ need – Exploring the latest option and products to enhance customer loyalty.
BA’s core value system

As a global airline...

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