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I could barely feel my arms, but I wouldn't give up, I would keep resisting. Fighting for my home and for everyone else in Smoke which I now considered my family. Except one, Tally Youngblood.
She was the reason to all of this, she was a spy, a traitor, my enemy. As much as I tried to save my home, I couldn't do anything about it. The day I never expected to arrive had finally came, the day, Smoke was destroyed.
I had been captured and there was no chance I would escape. Three Specials, two of them holding my arms forcing them against my back as if they were bound together. But even so I tested my luck. I pulled once again and bit the second Specials' hand. It was useless.
"I have told you before and I will tell you again: We don't want to hurt you. But we will..." Explained the second Special.
"If we have to. I got it already, okay?!" I interrupted.
He grimaced and I looked away.
"Hold her," the third Special demanded, "I need to tie the handcuffs!" Defeated, I gave one last pull and gave up. They were too strong for me. They were flawless.
"Take her and be careful!" ordered the third Special.
"You aren't taking me anywhere, let me go!" I hollered, but once again it was worthless.
Calmly, the Specials took me to the rabbit pen, where most of my friends had already been captured.
"Watch this one."
The two Specials guarding the place looked down at me. "Armed resistor?" one asked.
There was a pause, and finally the second Special answered, "Unarmed. But dangerous"
They through me on the floor and left laughing at one more victory. I sighed and shut my eyes as if they were glued together.
I opened my eyes. It was Tally. She was sitting next to Croy.
"Are you okay?" she asked.
"How can you even ask that," I screamed, "This is all your fault. You came here pretending you were my friend just to turn us in. But why? I never did anything to you!"
"Shay, this isn't my fault!" she protested.
"I couldn't be her! She is here...

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