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There are many breeds of rabbits that can become good pets after the owner-to-be learns the rabbit “language” and way of care. The American Rabbit Breeders Association recognizes 47 breeds.1 On one site there was a list of around 128, but not all are recognized even by the British Rabbit Council.2
The New Zealand White is an albino rabbit that was breed in America for its coat. Albinism limits the coloring that goes to the hair, skin, and eyes. This is why these rabbits have red/pink eyes. These rabbits also have poor vision.3
The New Zealand White is characterized by its dense fur, ears that stand up, and muscular body. It weighs from 9-12 lbs. This rabbit is calm, friendly and not really aggressive. It is also fairly easy to teach tricks to them.4
The Mini Satin became the 47th breed in 2006. It has a round body covered in soft fur crowned with ears that stand up. These rabbits grow to be 3 ¼ to 4 ¾ lbs. They are calm and sociable, but also are timid and stressable. They will live 5-10 years if they are properly taken care off.5
There are five colors that are recognized by the ARBA. These are the red chinchilla, opal, Siamese, and white. There are also black, blue, chocolate, copper, gold-tipped, black steel, Himalayan, otter and silver marten.6
Rabbits have there own special way of speaking. They leap, kick and twist around displaying their joy by what we call binking. Flopping around and grinding their teeth are two ways they show contentment. Teeth grinding can also show pain. Pain is louder and the rabbit will be tense. If a rabbit want to claim something as his, he will rub his chin on that object. If he wants ones attention he will nudge with his nose or dig at ones leg. When a rabbit thumps, they are warning of danger.7
Effective ways of discipline need to be learned, because rabbits are very destructive. Scolding may work, but they likely will be back again. Also if they are scolded after the fact, they won't understand why their owner is upset with them. Giving the rabbit something to chew on and praising it for chewing on the right things is an effective way It also will be helpful to bunny proof the house.8
There are several things that need to be taken into consideration when choosing a rabbit cage. There needs to be enough space for the rabbit to hop around. Also it should not have a wire floor, because the wires will hurt the rabbits feet. Next pine or newspaper shreds should not be used for bedding. These can harm the rabbit's health. Finally there needs to be a roof over the hut if it is keep outside.9
A rabbit's cage needs to be cleaned once or twice a week. A mixer of vinegar and water works good like bleach, but is better for the rabbit.10 This mixer will help to remove the calcium build-up from the rabbits urine.11...

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