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"Rabbits": What Are The Issues Both Sides Would Have Experienced? Use Examples From The Book. How Do The Two Texts Connect Between The Europeans And The Aboriginies

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Dear Barikin Murrower,My name is Joseph Chow, I am writing to you today to inform you that I have recently read the picture book titled, the Rabbits. I have also read and appreciated the article called History for Beginners, published in the Australian and viewed a movie called "Kings in Grass Castles".The picture book labelled "The Rabbits" depicts an allegory of a European incursion; this book gave out a story of rabbits or rather Europeans, posing as rabbits, invading Australia and killing everything insight.The book comes from an Aboriginal perspective just by the way it is drawn and how the text is worded. The drawings of animals seen from an Aboriginal point of eye look quite similar ...view middle of the document...

Both sides then reside on their plans to kill the other.An ironic situation in "Kings In Grass Castles" is that when Patsy moves to Australia to run away from the British, because they were causing trouble for the Patsy family, they were taking up the families land and there was a lot of disease running around. But when he arrives on the Kimberly, he settles on some land without asking the Aboriginals. Which then causes trouble for the Aboriginals because they didn't know what happening, and then they start complaining because Patsy was taking up their land.I have also comprehended the article titled "History for Beginners" seems to say that school children are being given the idea that Australia was discovered by the Europeans, through textbooks; even though the authors would have known that there already was more than 40, 000 years of thriving culture pumping through the bloodlines of Australia. But it did say it aimed to guide teacher not to govern them.The two texts seem to connect through they both talk about the conflicts between the Aborigines and the Europeans. The Australian says "the instructions given to the First Fleet do not suggest that it was planned as an invasion". Even though they didn't expect it to be like an invasion, the Aboriginals were still victimised through the terrible law of the 1:10 ratio. If one white man was killed 10 Aboriginals would be slaughtered on sight to show the wrong that they have done. This to the Europeans was called 'justice'.But the picture book "The Rabbits" explains its views through a different way, when the ships arrived, implied to be the First Fleet, one of the soldiers was carrying a chain of bullets saying that since he has the artillery to kill, if he is given the opportunity to kill, he will.History for Beginners states that "Academics and educationists rushed to defend the text" that is a stylistic feature because it is a metaphor it says that the academics and educationists 'rushed' to it."Mr Goss rebelled this week against what appear to be an attempt to impose a one-sided interpretation of Australian history on primary school children". The sentence is a stylistic feature because irony is added to the sentence since school children are supposed to be the ones rebelling against their parents, when he is the Premier of Queensland, also a grown man and he is the one rebelling against what the children are being taught.The rabbits symbolise the Europeans because the both of them are white, extremely powerful and both are introduced species to Australia. In the book the rabbits destroy everything "no mountain, no river can stop the rabbits" emphasising how powerful the rabbits are because, Aboriginals see that natural structures like mountains and rivers are border lines that prevent anything from crossing. Also since the Aboriginal gods from the Dreamtime created them, making the mountains or any landform seem impenetrable to the Aboriginals.But since both the rabbits and Europeans are...

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