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The introduction to the Rabies Vaccine had a great impact on the world. The man who invented the vaccine was Louis Pasteur. He had many specialties in his lifetime. Some of the areas of his interest were chemistry, biology and medicine. However, I believe his impact on the veterinary field was amazing.
Louis Pasteur was born in 1822 and he was the only son out of three sisters. As a child he lived in Dole near the Swiss border. His father served in the Peninsular War, but returned to a family owned tanning business. “Louis did quite well in school growing up, which was uncommon during this era (Miller, 2002).” Upon his graduation he went to Paris where he studied chemistry with 700 ...view middle of the document...

This was devastating to him because he was totally paralyzed for two months. However, he eventually gained some of his functions back. From this point on he was no longer able to perform his experiments by himself and usually had to direct others to be his hands. With that being said, it still did not stop him! He continued to excel in his field and his best discovery was still yet to come!
In 1880 Pasteur began to study rabies. Many believe his obsession with this disease was the fact that he was attacked by a rabid wolf as a child. He began his experimentation with rabies by sucking the foam out of mouths of caged rabid dogs. They used these samples to study under microscope. In his research he eventually found out that rabies was caused by a virus too small to be seen with a microscope. Since he was unable to isolate the virus he began injecting other animals with rabies. “After some experimenting he found out that he could infect a rabbit with rabies then allow it to sit for a few days and this formed a vaccine, which proved to...

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