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Race And Health Care Coverage Essay

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Throughout US history, it has been known that race typically influences how an individual will benefit or flourish within American society. It is well recognized that people thrive in the US in many ways, but that notion is a misconception. What some individuals might not know is that race or ethnicity usually has a negative or positive impact on an individual or group. There has been a long time racial discrimination or limitation on many ethnic individuals that are non-white. We have to consider that majority of the people that are in authoritarian positions are of Caucasian descent; not saying that all are discriminatory, but it seems like this nation was designed to benefit Caucasian affiliates. Well, if we look at high rates of poverty, incarceration, government assistance, ethnic groups within America dominate in each category that I’ve just listed and many more. From the looks of things, ethnic groups tend to do badly in negative connotative categories or classifications that are related to social economical status. Usually, we see Hispanics and African Americans frequently labeled as the top margin in these statistical data analysis in regards to unfavorable implications.

To be more specific, Hispanics and African Americans lead drastically in health care deficiencies in America. These two groups either lack proper or have no insurance of any sort. This is why we have a hefty amount of physical health complications and ill related deaths amongst these two ethnic groups. Where as whites trail behind impressively. I believe that Hispanics and African Americans are considerably mentioned in these perspectives due to their low social economical status in society. Both populations on average work low-income jobs or are unemployed. In respect to this statement, populations that earn low wages, having a language barrier is another factor to consider when referring to health care. Some research has focused on the element of language barrier complexities amongst ethnic groups within the healthcare realm. Since there has been major migration of many cultures to the United States, there is a high amount of individuals with little to no English. This affects doctor-patient relationships, also it has an impact on the patient’s ability to communicate any type of issues that the person might have. Also people who speak little English also aren’t educated on how to obtain care, because they are here not by natural citizenship. This concept and these factors are all ideas and research done by, Garrett, P. W., Roberto-Forero, Dickson, H. G., & Whelan, A. K. Regardless if one is unemployed or earns low wages; the quality of insurance is inferior to that of higher earning wagers. How can an individual/s with low earnings afford health coverage when they can barely manage to pay for rent, gas, food and the bare necessities? So as an alternate, governmental authorities created programs that offer minimal coverage at the expense of tax paying dollars....

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