Race And My Community: Hispanic This Essay Is About The Study Of The Race A Belong To In My Community And Any Discrimination That Anyone Like Me May Have.

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My Community 1Race and My Community: HispanicSandra PerezAxia Collage University of PhoenixMy Community 2Race and My Community: HispanicI am Sandra J Perez born American and rise in Puerto Rico making me part of the Hispanic minority. We, Hispanic are the second large groups in the population in Kissimmee, FL. All troughs founding some information about my ethnic (Hispanic) minority have not been easy I was able to come across with some good information. (We)Hispanics have tried to hold many political positions. However, we have not been able to achieve many political positions. We have gone through some type of discrimination, and we are not treated like the rest of the population. We have become very important to the local economy. We (Hispanics) have been recognized as a group that will lead or can change Central Florida future. We (Hispanic) may have gone through some discrimination, but the future of the local economy, politics, and population depends on us.I arrive in Florida in 2002, because they ask my husband (Puerto Rican) to transfer to Orlando, FL because the new hotel need Spanish spoken person. When I arrive at that time I believe that I was back to Puerto Rico. I was able to go grocery shopping and purchase every item like in a grocery store in Puerto Rico, something I was not able to enjoy while living in Nashville, TN. However, I realized that sometime people will not look the same to Hispanic as they will look to the White American population. As the time goes by our population (Hispanic) continue to grown changing the way people may look at us or even treat us. Bilingualism (Spanish-English) became very important to the area were I live.My Community 3Race Diversity within my CityAs I did my search to find information about the local population and the race diversity within my city I came across with some good information. Osceola is the county in were I live in Florida. As mentioned by the City Data (2002-2008) the races present in the county are, "White Non-Hispanic (59.6%), Hispanic (29.4%), Black (7.4%), American Indian (0.9%), Asian Indian (0.7%), Filipino (0.6%), two or more races (3.6%) and other race (9.1%)." However, this number can change by locations. For example the school were my children go the percentage defer form above. As mentioned by the Osceola County School District (n.d.) the population of student enrolled is "White Non-Hispanic (32%), multi racial (4.9%), American Indians or Alaskan (0.3%), Hispanic (50%), Black Non-Hispanic (10.3%) and Asian Pacific Islanders (2.5). The changes on numbers happen after in 1980 because they decide to sell homes directly to Puerto Rico launching the current immigration from Puerto Rico were there cities crime rate was out of control. As mentioned by Jeff Kunerth and Babita Persaud (2007) the projection "of Hispanic by 2020 will be (36%) white, while Hispanic will rich (51%)" of the population. This numbers agree with the actual numbers of student currently enroll in the...

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1678 words - 7 pages when I was a teenager. I befriended the daughter of this family and was invited over for dinner one night. All I can remember is I never understood a word that was said, they sat on the floor to eat, and I left hungry because I could never figure out how to use the chopsticks. There are Hispanics here, too. More of them everyday as they come here from Texas. All in all, we have a culturally diverse community and a whole lot of racist people.Racism

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1471 words - 6 pages life. At first glance, it is not easy to see the cultural diversities in my community. One cannot tell by the houses or cars in the driveways. Nevertheless, racism, discrimination, and stereotyping run high in America today and still common in this communities. I have learned that although the majority is African Americans, there are some stereotyping, discrimination, and racism against their own race. In the community where I live, racism hides

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2166 words - 9 pages . In my community, I feel that it is a rainbow of people. I have contact with everyone, if it’s just a wave as I pass by, but not much communication. I don’t consider myself a minority. I would say I interact with a white and Hispanic person maybe 6 days a week. There are of course differences in appearance even when people are of the same race. It’s really hard to say how different people in my community are from one another because

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1834 words - 7 pages prejudice. I did not receive as much prejudice as most of the other Black children because I looked White and Hispanic. My skin color is olive, and I get very dark during the summer months. People have mistaken me for Hispanic all the time, so I blend in with both ethnic groups. The only racial slur I ever been called was a “wop” or “dago wop.” The two slang remarks are used to put down Italians and Italian culture.These words never

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1814 words - 7 pages shaping myself into how others see me supposedly. This is another consequence of racism and the accompanying prejudice and discrimination others have for me as well. What I see is that dominance in number is not a guarantee that one not be attacked by racism due to prejudice. Just like a two-way mirror, minority communities have some preexisting notions of what a black woman is or what she is like.ConclusionThough I feel that my color of my skin

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1435 words - 6 pages American, 11% Asian and only 7% other (Hispanic).Because we are so new to Missouri City and the fact that we will always consider O’Donnell “home” I am going to do my autobiographical research paper on the influences of race as it relates to my community of O’Donnell.Many members of O’Donnell do look like in me in that so many are white however we still have so many differences. Several people dress similar and act similar

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3903 words - 16 pages this participation damages black communities is flimsy at best and often emphasize Hobermans opinion without any evidence. Smith’s work leads to a much different conclusion about the role that race and discrimination play in sports. In his book, Smith attempts to explain how sports have changed the nature of the African American civil society and have come to be a major influence on economic opportunities, schooling, and the shaping of the

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1586 words - 6 pages people do not look like me in some cases. Social class and economic status have just as much to do with white people looking different than race does in my community. However, in regards to race, on a regular basis I work with people of Hispanic heritage. My brother in law plays high school football and everyone in town knows that a few of the best players we have happen to be black. However, when I think of football I do not think about "the black

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1399 words - 6 pages within the early 1800-1900's, but that was about all it covered.In my neighborhood it seems as though there is quite a problem with racism and hate crimes, one particular race that chooses to treat people of different races very different in my community, they are usually adults and children together that call other adult's names, make racial remarks and from time to time they even toilet paper people's houses. Since I have taken this class I now

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2352 words - 9 pages Americans work in a factory in Piggott, AR, but there are not any African Americans living in Piggott, AR. In, my current community, Jonesboro, AR, according to the U.S. Census Bureau's 2000 poll, (U.S. Census Bureau, 2000), Whites are 85.4%, African Americans 11.3%, American Indian and Alaska Natives 0.3%, Asians 0.8%, Some Other Race 1.1%, and Hispanic or Latinos 2.3%. I find that some of these numbers are somewhat hard to believe. There are large

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1611 words - 6 pages between the different races. While this effort existed, there was still a lack of knowledge and willingness to learn from some. I still grew up hearing a lot of incorrect things about a lot of minorities. Fortunately, I had parents and a great group of friends that helped me know the difference between stereotypes and facts. .Leaders within my community treat people like me no differently than anyone else. Though I have never seen people different