"Race And The United States Postal Service"

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Running head: RACE AND THE UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICERace and the United States Postal ServiceKim AvinaAxia CollegeRace and the United States Postal ServiceDiversity in the workplace is a strong issue. There are many rules and regulations that must be followed. My workplace happens to be the United States Postal Service (USPS). The Postal Service is very diverse and has many ethnicities within its system. Are members of this work community the same? Is every person treated equally? Even though the percentage of minorities within the Postal Service still has a long ways to go, my work community is very diverse because the Postal Service has to abide by rules and regulations of the Federal government, and there are many advancement opportunities for all employees who would like to become supervisors.In my community there are many differences in the members. The majority of this community is White; roughly 53%. There is approximately 28% Black, 8% Hispanic, and 9% Asian. The other 2% is made up of all other races in the Postal Service. (United States Census Bureau, 2000) (Table 1)Each group has its own way of looking the same and different. The White American has differences in hair, and eye color. The majority of the other races are the same in each group by color of skin, hair, and eyes. In the Postal Service is another type of grouping besides racial ethnicity and gender. This includes Career employees and Casual employees. Career employees are full-time employees who receive benefits such as: health insurance, life insurance, and higher pay. Casual employees are employees who work full-time but with no benefits.The leaders within my community are a diverse group too. There is one MDO (Manager of Distribution Office), who is a white female. In the supervisory positions there are 3 white males and two white females. This is not a very diverse but I have seen a more diverse supervisory team in other areas of the Postal Service. According to Rich Escabedo, Local Plant Manager, "Today the Postal Services commitment to hiring a diverse workforce is equally steadfast." In the last 10 years the Postal Service has taken steps and committed to hiring, promoting, and retaining an inclusive workforce.There are expectations for management to make sure that all postal workers are treated equal and fair. I have seen some differences in how some individuals are treated. This mistreatment has to do with being a casual more so than the person's ethnicity. The way casual employees are treated differently that I have seen is through the way management talks to them. The management tends to sound demeaning and very demanding. I believe much of this treatment is because casuals are inexperienced. I also see that there is miscommunication due to language barriers such as the casuals English speaking tends to be very broken.The leaders within my community treat people like me and other ethnicities the same as long as we hold...

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