Race And Your Community, Eth 125 Cultural Diversity, Week 9 Final Project

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Being a Hispanic living in America, I have seen that racism has come to a standstill although there are still some traces of it in many diverse populations. I live in Weslaco, Texas located in the Rio Grande Valley eighteen miles away from the border of Mexico. According to the U. S. Census Bureau from the 2000 census count, 80.3 percent of the population in McAllen, Texas (the city of Edcouch was not listed, McAllen is the closest city) were persons from Hispanic or Latino origin. While the state of Texas as a whole was estimated at having 32 percent of Hispanic or Latinos. Hispanics migrated in high numbers to this country and I can personally admit to being treated with racism and discrimination at some point in my life. Being a Hispanic living in America can sometimes be hard but for the most part, great.The Hispanics that reside in the Rio Grande Valley tend to be quite different from each other, rather it is characteristics or just the way they live. Some of them have dark hair with curls and some have fine light to blonde hair. The Mexican's that migrate from Nuevo Leon, Mexico always seem to have characteristics of lighter skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes. The female Latino's here in the Rio Grande Valley always seem to have a curvier body frame and the male Hispanics have dark eyes while 5'6 is the average height. I know a few Hispanics that live in other cities within the Rio Grande Valley and they live in poverty. Some homes don't even have a floor; it is just a shell of a house. Others that have very nice homes decide to trash it and not take care of it. I live in a nice little two bedroom home and we try our best to maintain it by not leaving trash behind and cleaning every spot. Not very many people in the Rio Grande Valley carry this trait. I can honestly say there is a few to minimal similarities in characteristics from my neighbors and myself.Since my community consists of mainly Hispanics, the leaders here do not treat anyone any different. They offer the same type of grants, information, and services to every person in need. We have four Hispanics that are in office for the State of Texas, Congressman Ruben Hinojosa District 15, Senator Eddie Lucio District 27, Senator Juan 'Chuy' Hinojosa District 20, and House District 40 Representative Aaron Pena. Having Hispanics in such important positions makes me feel proud, it shows that anyone can follow their dreams to success and the color of your skin will never be something that pulls you down in life.When I look at the leaders in the Rio Grande Valley, I feel very different from them most of the time they are not like everyone here in the community. I am a high school graduate, completed in the top ten percent of my class and I am currently attending a highly accredited College. I do not think I am considered to be as educated as they were at my age, but by continuing my education I know I will reach to their status and higher. I do not try to impress but given the opportunity to...

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