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Race For The Sky Essay

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If you haven't noticed, the race to for the highest skyscraper has begun. It may be subtle, but towers that are over 500m are shooting out of everywhere, each trying to outdo each other, each boasting about its engineering feat, each saying their tower is better. The construction of Burj Dubai that will eventually rise close to a kilometer and master plans of others supertalls is marking a turning point to the nature of skyscrapers we are going up instead of across. However, a question rose form a recent observation I made towards skyscrapers, that is, most of super high skyscrapers would be left half empty for a long time. For example, Taipei 101, the highest building in the world, which ...view middle of the document...

The city of New York grew famous for its world highests and adding to the list at that time, the later tragically destroyed, World Trade Twin Towers.However, completion rose from elsewhere, namely Asia and Latin America by mid 1930's. They are cities like Shanghai, Sao Paulo and in particular, Hong Kong. Slowly, the seemingly unsurpassable towers of America were being belittled by its Asian brothers with the erection of the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpa, which by it's spire, overtakes the Sears tower as the world highest. The prestige top 10 list were painstakingly permeated with Asian scarpers, rising mostly from china and HK.Now into the 21st century, the American dominance has dwindled. As of 2006, the 'top ten highest' ratio of Asia and the USA is 8 to 2 with the highest, and the recently complete, Taipei 101, surpassing the Petronas Twins. With the economic boom of China, they are seeing excitingly fast development in the field of skyscrapers. Major cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangdong each are having a share of the world highests. Even though the relatively slow pace of new construction in Hong Kong, they are still seen as a major contender for the world top ten with the newly completed 2IFC at number 6 and the under constructions, ICC, set to reach 4th spot when completed.However, the biggest competitor to the skyscraper title comes from the Middle East, previously a tiny fishing port, and now a bustling metropolis with plans of mega projects. Dubai, in United Arab Emirates, is now the fastest growing city in the world and the city of the to-be-highest tower in the world, with the Burj Dubai planned to be at an unprecedented height. The height is not officially open to...

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