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Race Related To Group Selection Essay

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The American society appears to have evolving attitudes of diversity and racism in the workplace. Organizations are more eager to increase diversity percentages than ever before because of the social stigma of being labeled "racist". (Sommers, S.R., & Norton, M.I. ,2006). Individuals fear the stigma of being called racist so much that they begin to be blinded by what is most important to the workplace (Aberson, CL., & Ettlin, T.E. 2004). Early studies have shown more extreme views of diversity and often used racism to provide evidence of racial issues in the workplace. They also have concluded that increased workplace- diversity had a considerable negative effect on group cohesion unless treated by diversity training (Austin, J. R. 1997). However, recent studies Recent studies have shown less extreme views of how race is related to group selection. They have given evidence of this by defining what constitutes racial bias, highlighting how does race impact ethics and perceived professionalism (Bertrand, M., & Mullainathan, S., 2004), studying how bias impacts selection(Norton, M.I., Sommers, S.R., & Brauner, S., 2007) and understanding how bias and take place when selecting group members (Uhlmann, E.L., & Cohen, G.L., 2005). All of these factors impact the perceptions and biases of group members when selecting new members to join the group. This study attempts to get an understanding of how significant is race when doing group selection in a professional atmosphere with the help of an example study that was conducted recently (Norton, M.I., Sommers, S.R., Vandello, J.A., & Darley, J.M., 2006).
For successful diverse organizations, it is essential for them to understand why certain people believe and behave negatively toward members who carry particular characteristics. But it is also important to understand the experiences and perceptions of those who were targeted. (2006). Studies have noted that there are specific behaviors and characteristics that are associated with racism. Thus, it is important to understand which actions reflect the belief that someone is using racial bias. Studies have not noted that there are specific behaviors and characteristics that are associated with racism. Thus, it is important to understand which actions reflect the belief that someone is using racial bias. Theorist have suggested that racial bias is any beliefs, norms, or motivations that impact interracial perceptions and intergroup relations because of favoritism (2006). But there are people who try to avoid the negatively perceived label by favoring particular racial groups.
A recent study stated that many Americans believe that increasing racial diversity in the workplace is a creditable goal (2004). But many people of the hiring departments are hesitant to admit they use racial "colorblindness" when making individual decisions in an effort to honor American norms (2004). Researchers conducted a survey to college students at the University of South...

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