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Rachael Ended Up Moving Essay

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In the late month of November on the way to the party that the whole school was chatting about all week, it was raining white snowflakes. My heart was beating faster and faster as I was going into shock. I was in the passenger seat praying and clenching my cross necklace. My friend Devin so concentrated of the road to get to the party of the year, he said “ calm down I got 4 wheel drive”. What he didn’t know was that he was to drunk to drive. I was scared heartless, thinking we weren’t going to make it to the party. A quick turn down Dembs road and we arrived safely. Devin looked at me and laughed like a hyena and blurred out that there is a girl at the party that told me she wants to meet you. As I looked at him an smiled like it was Christmas day again all happy and ready to go inside the party and see my present. The music was a concert in my ears, so loud, such an energetic group of people just partying with no worries. As I walked down the stairs to the basement all the happy people dancing, drinking and with the ones that they lust for, I see this beautiful girl with long silky blonde hair. She caught my eye at the same time I caught hers. I had this weird feeling that tingled throughout my body. Devin told me I was looking at the wrong girl, I ignored him and went with my gut feeling and swiftly stepped to this girl.
Instantly I tripped over the edge of the table and collapsed to the ground. With my face down on the floor I was embarrassed, thinking to myself I just missed my chance with this girl. The crowd of people laughing like they were at a comedic show, a baby soft tap embraced my shoulder. I looked up and it was not the person I was expecting. There she was with her hand held out I was startled as she whispered her name. Rachael was what she said as I mumbled back Anthony. Immediately my worries vanished when Rachael and I started to get to know one another. We had lots of things in common like basketball and are views on things. I was already starting to fall for this girl. The party was nothing in mind for me because all I could do was focus on her. We did what most guys and girls do when there interested and exchanged numbers. I found a lot of interesting things about Rachael that night of that November blizzard.
Monday morning two days after the party, my phone went off with my annoying alarm. As I flipped open my phone to shut off my alarm I received a text from Rachael. I didn’t expect it at all, the text said “ hey Anthony good morning hope to see you in school”, that Monday was the first Monday I got up and didn’t know what to wear. Almost as if I was getting ready like a girl would on her first date. Hoping to impress this girl...

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