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Racial Blindness W Ithin Cultural Diversity Essay

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Racism is a huge problem in our country today. Everywhere we look there are people of a different race or from different cultures or ethnic groups. It's unavoidable and is the biggest political pawn in the history of our country. Fortunately, I live in San Antonio, Texas - a city that has an apparent blindness to racial differences.I'm fortunate enough to live in the great city of San Antonio, a city where racism is virtually non-existent. The biggest issues of racism faced in our city are corporate or job related accusations of racism. We rarely see or have to deal with racism on our streets, on the news, or in our lives.The majority group in our city is Hispanic. According to (2006), Hispanics make up 51.2 percent of San Antonio's population, making them the clear majority. Although this is not the typical racial breakdown in American cities, or Texas cities, it makes San Antonio a racial phenomenon.My experience living in San Antonio has been free of racism, which is something that I can appreciate more than most. I do look different than the majority group here, but not too much different. The Hispanic ethnicity is visually apparent by the dark skin, dark hair, dark eyes and other prominent physical features. Although I have many of those same features due to my Native American ethnicity, my skin color is much lighter than that of the Hispanics in my city.The problems that most cities in the United States face in reference to racism, we do not face. Our media, our government, our public servants, our citizens and even our media seem to have developed a sort of blindness towards racial difference. The racial acceptance within our political, social and economic structure is almost unreal. If not for the statistics, it would be unbelievable.I interviewed a friend of mine, William, who is an employee of San Antonio's city government. His position is a database administrator for the city's street department. He's in a supervisory position in that department, and has worked for the city for 17 years. For the reasons of this paper only, I will mention also that he is African American. Why am I mentioning this for this paper? Because the paper is on racism in San Antonio, which I feel is non existent.I asked William his thoughts on racism in San Antonio, the city's government, the city's media, and just his overall thoughts on how racism affects San Antonio and the quality of life that a person has here. William stated, "I've lived in San Antonio all my life. I was born and raised here. I'm a 49 year old black man in the United States that has never experienced first hand racism. How many black people do you know that can say that? (William L., personal communication, November 19th, 2007)"William's experiences don't just stop at him being a black man in the United States, they go beyond that. William's wife is Chinese, their children mixed. When asked about how he felt about the schools and his experiences in dealing with them and...

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