Racial Discrimination Essay

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Social Justice is equality and fairness for all human beings. It is the subject of many official Catholic teachings and Catholics Organisation. To understand the reasons for the compassion and love by Catholics seeking peace and justice for all humanity, it is important to examine a specific example of human injustice in the world today.

Racial discrimination is prejudice behaviour towards a person, based on their race. It is when someone is subject to abusive deportment because they are from a different race. These actions occur in every day society because people don’t think, act or believe in the same things as they do. Racial discrimination causes people to feel that they are unwelcome to be that they were born and raised to become. This causes serious effects on that person’s life and everyone else’s who comes into contact with them, as they may become withdrawn or even change the way they are just to fit in. This issue causes many people to feel like there is no peace or justice towards them, as they are apart of the overall world population.

The issue of racial discrimination defies some of God and Jesus’ commandments. Hitler attempted to commit mass genocide on all the Jewish people. The Klu Klux Klan, also known as the KKK, set out to murder all of the African Americans. As God’s 5th Commandment states, “You shall not kill,” it applies to all types of murders, being for any reason such as racial discrimination, with the prime examples being Hitler and the KKK. A person could kill a person by physical means or by mental means, as telling someone to kill themselves is classified, by law, to be attempted manslaughter. The 8th commandment explores the fact that everyone should be treated equally no matter the reason. “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbour,” expresses how no prejudice behaviour or actions should be taken out towards anyone, especially in a racial manner. There have been cases recorded where people have lied to police and higher authorities on serious charges applied to a person who is from a different race. Not only is it communities that may violate this binding code but people in power who apply stereotypes to races so they can act on unjust reasoning’s. These inequitable behaviours towards people from a different race cause much undue distress towards these people. In the world, all of God’s creations should be...

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