Racial Discrimination In Scientific Studies Essay

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Racism has been, and currently is, one of the most dominant forms of discrimination in our world. The minorities, such as those of African and Asian descent, are exposed to varying degrees of maltreatment and social pressure simply due to the color of their skin. Scientists, and other powerful figures of society have used science to try and solidify this discrimination. Using IQ tests, some attempt to claim that the minorities are simply much less intelligent than their Caucasian counterpart. Some have even gone so far to claim that those other than Caucasian are biologically inferior by nature. This construction of racism is purely social, so what exactly are these people basing their right to test race and IQ on? IQ tests and race should not be tested in correlation, simply because it encourages the spread of racial discrimination and the test themselves are basely inaccurate.

Not all scientists have the intention of their work being used to back racism, however data that is controversial can easily be skewed, and used to support discriminatory views. Some scientists even skew their own data unconsciously. This is due to what Charles W. Mills calls The Racial Contract. He states that human beings are innately ignorant, and “whites will in general be unable to understand the world they themselves have produced.” Mills believes that we can become racist without even realizing because society has blinded us. Samuel George Morton is a famous case of a scientist whom unintentionally invalidated his experiment due to his natural racial bias. Morton obtained a vast collection of skulls from the various races, and measured their average volume. At first, he used flax seed to pack into the skulls. It seems, as Stephen Jay Gould analyzed Morton's findings, that Morton packed the skulls of Caucasians with more flax seed. Morton omitted information on sex and stature, the skulls were not identified as either male or female. Also, he seemed to have a tendency to round up with Caucasian averages, and round down with the averages of minorities. Yet, Gould declares that “I detect no sign of fraud or conscious manipulation. Morton made no attempt to cover his tracks and I presume that he was unaware that he had left them.... All I can discern is an a priori conviction about racial ranking so powerful that it directed his tabulations... (Gould 111).” His experiment was intended for accurate scientific research, but his own cultural influence led to it being corrupted and this corruption never became aware to him. Today, it is apparent that there is no direct correlation between cranium size and intellect, but the data during Morton's time was widely accepted and fed the idea of racial inferiority. If these sort of experiments were not performed, it would help dissolve the backing of racism because even if they are purely intended for scientific curiosity, they can be used for malicious purposes.

IQ tests have been used to determine a person's...

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