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Racial Discrimination In The Books Snow Falling On Cedars And The Book Of Negroes

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Racial discrimination has been an issue among different cultural groups, ethnic races and many religions. It is an issue that has stopped people from becoming well diversitized and embracing multiculturalism, especially during the olden days where slavery and wars were a huge part of the world. Racism has created a separation between people, causing many dilemmas’ to arise. This problem has been seen and touched upon throughout many works of literature and verbal presentations. A discourse on racial discrimination will be used to exemplify how individuals abuse their rights, categorize humans and ill treat others through an exploration of the texts in, Snow Falling On Cedars and The Book of Negroes. These novels have given an insight of the discrimination between different classes of people and the unfavorability of one’s kind.
Firstly, abusing someone’s rights show that people do not respect other people’s nationality and background. In Snow Falling On Cedars , the white people did not allow the Japanese to own their own land. “The law said that they could not own land unless they became citizens; it also said they could not become citizens so long as they were Japanese” (pg 76). This quote is saying that the law does not allow Japanese people to own certain things because of who they are.
Looking at The Book of Negroes, these individuals did not have the right to speak out or act upon slavery and the slave trade. “To gaze into another person’s face is to do two things: to recognize their humanity, and to assert your own. As I began my long march from home, I discovered that there were people in the world who didn’t know me didn’t love me, and didn’t care whether I lived or died” (pg 29).
This quote is saying that people did not care who the person they were commanding were, they would have to do ask they say. These two quotes show that these people were not allowed to be granted certain necessities because of where they came from. On a positive note, certain people were around to support these abused people and tried to regain their freedom. To sum this all up, the Japanese and Black people were stripped of their morals and rights, but there were people who were willing to try to get them back.
Secondly, categorizing individuals showed the different groups of people and where they belong in the rankings of society. In Snow Falling On Cedars, Japanese people were interpreted as being dangerous, sneaky, no good and were called “Japs”. “I told him how I’d have to think it over, have a talk with you. Told him how upset my mother was with him- ‘bout his dirty look and mean faces” (pg 296). This quote is saying that certain people have certain characteristics to them because of who they are as an individual.
In The Book of Negroes, these people were singled out. They were called “Niggers”...

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