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Racial Discrimination In The Help By Kathryn Stockett

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Discrimination is “the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things.” On December 1, 1955, in Montgomery, Alabama, Rosa Parks was ordered to give up her bus seat to a white passenger and refused. This act of opposition defied all normalities for the average black woman. The treatment of a woman who was black compared to the treatment of a white woman in that age was completely discriminatory. Rosa Park’s strength to influence justice against racial segregation has slowly influenced justice against all discrimination. “The Help,” a 2009 novel written by American author, Kathryn Stockett, is a story about African-American maids working for white households in ...view middle of the document...

Mrs. Holbrook may be racist but she is not a bad person which is even seen through her respectable leadership within the town and her charity work for The Poor Starving Children of Africa. Although, through the quote, “You cannot give these tribal people money..There is no Jitney 14 Grocery in the Ogaden Desert. And how would we even know if they’re even feeding their kids with it? They’re likely to go to the local voodoo tent and get a satanic tattoo with our money,” it is clear what Mrs. Holbrook’s motives are and where her intentions lie. This passage helps readers understand her ignorance towards African culture and the lives that they live. Holbrook’s patronizing perspective can be related back to the thoughts and ideas she has of those who come from the same descent living in her own town. Naturally, individuals like Mrs. Holbrook choose to put their trust in people that come from the same background as them because it is what they think is the norm. This belief can be based on upbringing, similar cultural values and traditions. As a result, just like society today, Mrs. Holbrook’s fear of the unknown may be influencing her prejudice attitude towards accepting ethnicity within her community. Therefore, although the society in Jackson, Mississippi is opposed to racial equality, there is hope for reform.
“Class is the system of ordering a society in which people are divided into sets based on perceived social or economic status.” Similar to racial discrimination, class can determine your life’s opportunities, your working status and how you are treated by the people around you. The quote, “They ain’t rich folks. Rich folks don’t try so hard.”, explains how Aibileen learns that the Leefolts are less well off than they seem. This passage makes it clear for the reader to understand that usually, people who come from wealth, do not have to work to the extremes that people of lower classes do because they have people that do their work for them. When Aibileen remembers the shame she felt after being fired on the first day of her job as a maid, “Shame ain’t black like dirt, like I always thought it was. Shame be the colour of a new white uniform your mother ironed night to pay for, white without a smudge or speck of work-dirt on it.”, she makes it clear to the reader that as a black, lower class woman, it is not easy to find a job, let alone keep one. Even in today’s day in age, individuals who come from wealth are typically the controllers in the working place who hire people to work beneath them and individuals not as financially advantaged, are the employees who are at risk of being replaced by someone younger or by someone who can get the job done cheaper. In the quote, “But I know I’ll have to rewrite everything (Aibileen’s) written, wasting even more time.”, Skeeter, a 23 year old white woman in the novel, believes the stereotype that black women are uneducated and illiterate until she realizes that...

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