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It seems that Racial Discrimination has been apart of society for some time now; however, racial discrimination has been apart of many cultures as early as the 1400s. During this time period, Europeans were colonizing Africa and the Americas. Many of the white settlers believed that they were the superior race to all different races so they began to create ideas that they need to “colonize the savages”. Through these ideas, the “white man's burden'” was used to completely justify the enslavement of cultures and the taking of their land. Naturally, as time passed on, these choices led to the groundwork for further exploitation and discrimination of all races that were different. Racial Discrimination leads to psychological problems, large amounts of violence, and loss of opportunities for those who are discriminated against ("Background on Racial Discrimination").
As for America, discrimination has been apparent ever since the first settlers colonized the new found land. Over 1 million Native Americans had homes and societies built way before the colonial period started. Wars, mass movements, and large massacres began to occur in the growing country. After the already owned territories were incorporated into the United States, reservations were created for the Natives in order to have a place for them to live. Many years later, slavery of African Americans began in the United States and lasted until the 13th amendment was passed. Even though slavery came to an end, segregation and racial hate groups, like the KKK, became a major part of society. This led to separate schools, large riots, and lynching just because of the tension that was present between the races ("Background on Racial Discrimination" ).
Racism can be defined by as “the systematic practice of denying people access to rights,
Dunlap 2
representation, or resources based on racial differences”. Today, racism is still pretty big but a lot of
people go on with life without knowing how bad it actually is (Background on Racial Discrimination).
When looking at the causes for racism, it all comes down to individual behavior present in all humans. According to the American Psychological Association:
Racism serves simultaneously both to rationalize the hierarchical domination of one racial or ethnic group over other group(s), and maintain psychological, social and material advantages for the dominant group. Both active racism and passive acceptance of race-based privilege disrupt the mental health and psychological functioning of both victims and perpetrators of racial injustice. (“Psychological”)
With this information, causes for racism and the intolerance that comes with it are more complex than people think. The government encourages all groups steer clear of anything that might create a problem based on race.
Family life can be a major cause of racism if there is a failure in teaching that racism is wrong and should not be shown to say that it is good for...

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