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Racial Disparities In The Criminal Justice System The Purpose For Creation Of Legal Systems In The World Is To Pursue Justice. Pursuance Of Justice Re

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The purpose for creation of legal systems in the world is to pursue justice. Pursuance of justice requires fair application of the law. Therefore, the events unfolding in the United States undermine this principle. The Justice Integrity Bill is meant to increase public confidence in the justice system and address any unwarranted racial and ethnic disparities in the criminal process that has raised eyebrows over the years. This bill purports to enforce fair application of the law in order to realize justice for all; both black and white.
Reports have it that court processes are biased always to the detriment of the blacks. This is a clear indication of a clear racial disparity. Many are the times when blacks have had to bear the brute of harsh sentences simply because they are black. In addition, court processes are said to be prolonged thus delaying justice to the defendants, some of whom may be innocent. It is said that the root cause of racial disparities is the ‘war’ against drugs. However, monthly drug consumption in the US shows that African Americans constitute 14% of the drug users compared to white Americans staggering 69.2%.*( In contrast, African Americans who use drugs have a higher incidence to be arrested and tried than any other group. In fact, it is surprising to note that though African Americans constitute 14% of the nation’s population, they as well constitute 37% of drug related offences.
Notwithstanding the humble African American population, the state of Northern Carolina reported 46% misdemeanour convictions and 53% felony convicts to be African Americans in the 2008-2009 fiscal year*( It is worth noting that the state of Northern Carolina is made up of only 21% of African Americans. the aforementioned state’s prisons are entirely made of Africans, 60% of their inmates are Americans with African descent. It is thus clear that African Americans are severely victimized because of there descent by our criminal justice systems. Our systems can be clearly said to oppress one race for the benefit of the other. This is against the principles of criminal law codified by United States’ penal code.
In a study* which was carried out to collect views of black Americans about the justice system, 26% of the black Americans did not believe there was injustice in the criminal justice system. A larger percentage was the opinion that justice was not being realized against the blacks. However, in August 2004, the American bar association justice Kennedy issued a report showing how racial disparities had taken root in the American society. For that reason, he recommended measures to be taken to eradicate such a vice. Some believed that racial disparities were an artefact of excessive offending and not racial bias*(William Wilbanks). He further opined that race is not the...

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