Racial Diversity And The True Colors Of Life

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Racial Diversity - The True Colors of Life


Think of the world as a box of crayons. A box in which each color stands in its own designated space. Like these crayons, we each have different shades, tints, and most importantly, we all leave marks on our world when used. Some of us will leave a bold, vivid mark that cannot be unnoticed. For others of us, our mark is soft and subtle. Alone, each crayon can only achieve so much in the expression it can make. The way we express ourselves is limited to our own color that is made up of our customs, culture and experiences in life. It is not until we learn to mix our understandings, beliefs, our experiences, that a new color and expression can be made by each one of us. If we do this, the realm of possiblities for the box expands.


Being a freshman in a new world where all is overwhelming and completely foreign has presented its share of challenges. I have been faced with academic demands that I never experienced in my high school career. Socially, I have strived to find a place to fit in and find acceptance. The challenge I did not anticipate meeting with appreciation, however, is the diversity I have encountered in my first semester of college. For this reason, I have been prompted to take note of the diversity on our campus and to write this essay in an effort to emphasize its cruciality.


A man stands in the center of the quad preaching. In a voice filled with urgency and depth he preaches his belief that Jesus Christ is his salvation and the world's only truth. A young woman asks a panel of her peers, resentment and anger trembling in her voice, why she can not display her lesbian pride sticker on her car without glances of disgust glared her way. A group of hippies with dread locked hair and rags for clothes sits under a tree smoking their cigarettes and selling handmade jewelry of hemp. Whithin ten minutes, every ethnic group I have ever known passes by me in a hurried rush to class. On our campus there exists endless opportunities to explore life as lived by other people. I have opened my eyes to this world and I am now a part of, separate from Mom and Dad and my circle of friends who all see life through the same eyes I do. In the world I have belonged to up until now each crayon in the box was of the same tint. I see that I am now a crayon in a very colorful box.


I have lived my life a very conservative, middle class Mexican-American Catholic. Racially, sexually or religiously diverse friends and encounters have been sparse in my upbringing. I have been exposed to more diversity in one day on campus than I have been in my entire...

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