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Racial Equality In America. Essay

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The Declaration of Independence teaches American citizens "All men are created equal." Through this ideal, we infer that we each have an equal opportunity to live "The American Dream" of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Despite laws that date back to the constitution of the United States of America, racial equality is still absent from today's society. Only those who choose not to look, and the naíve, believe that humankind has evolved to a standard that does not judge based on skin color, or ethnic background. We only need to recall the dozens of black churches that were burned in the south during the early nineties, or remember that a black man was dragged to his death behind a pickup truck and even the Native American beat to death by a man with a baseball bat, both victims of a vicious hate crime not even five years ago.The original groups of inhabitants in North America were Native Americans. These Native people lost much of their land and many of their lives to the vicious European invasions. Many groups of immigrants came to America, yet each group had left their native country for various reasons and under various circumstances. Some immigrant groups entered America as slaves, others came to work at low paying labor jobs, and some came as entrepreneurs. These various groups were discriminated against at varying level, depending on the resources the group brought with them. Those immigrants who made the journey to America on their own freewill with economic resources found that it was much easier to find good jobs than those immigrants with less than such freewill and resources. The waves of immigrant migration to North America were steady for almost 200 years. The onset of this immigration was truly started by English colonists from the 1600's to the 1800's trying to escape oppression in Europe. The English created colonies and forced land from the native people. The English also established a form of capitalism. During this same time Africans were seized from their native lands and were shipped to America involuntarily in the form of property, to be used as slave labor.By analyzing significant acts that have occurred since the Declaration of Independence, it will become obvious that the plight of the minority in the United States is only slightly better that it was one hundred years ago. From the very beginnings of American history it is evident that the masses, white men and women, were not concerned with the rights and liberties of minorities. The Declaration of Independence that so many of us have learned about is actually a revised version of an original draft. The revised version is only a declaration of partial independence, claiming freedom for those settlers that happened to be white, male, and landowners. How unfortunate that the founding fathers, struggling to break free of foreign oppression, allowed that same oppression to occur on American soil. The original draft of the Declaration of Independence...

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