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Racial Harmony Week Essay

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Racial tension is one of the major issues in the U.S. today. Since many centuries ago, this has been an internal problem in this country and this has caused racial strife and disunity among people. There are many who believe that racism is a thing of the past. However, racial tensions are still rampant in this nation and many others. These kinds of problems affect all of us, especially the minorities. If the problems of racial discrimination and tension are not being solved, minorities are likely to feel that they are treated differently. The crucial thing is not to overlook the different races and cultures that are in the community, but to embrace our differences and have mutual respect among races in order to live in harmony. As developers of the youth, institutions should encourage mutual understanding and tolerance among races by holding a Racial Harmony Week event that brings together people of different ethnicity and cultural backgrounds to participate in activities that promote mutual understanding and respect among students of all races and cultures.
Although there has been a significant improvement in racial tensions over the past few decades, many people are still racist and this, in turn, leads to racial tension. According to, there have been several racial incidents on Michigan State University’s campus. The article from also stated an incident whereby students found a piece of paper with derogatory remarks on the door of a 20-year-old female student’s dorm room. A few days after that incident happened, students found another racial incident, this time a racial slur on a wall in Butterfield Hall, which is one of MSU’s buildings. There was also a black doll hanging by its neck in the Biomedical and Physical Science Building of MSU (Mansour).
Institutions such as universities and colleges play an pivotal role in their influence on youth. They are the ones that are educating the youth not only academically, but also mentally. It is necessary to note that some institutions already have some activities and events in place that are devoted to acknowledging people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. One example of such events is Michigan State University’s Global Festival.
According to, the Global Festival is a community event that draws together a crowd ranging from 4,000 to 5,000 visitors from the Lansing and East Lansing community. This event celebrates both our diversity and the human experience that binds us together. On top of that, this event also contributes significantly to the spirit of community that is so unique to MSU, through the joint efforts of MSU's nationality student groups and the residents of the greater Lansing community (“Global”). This festival, which is being held every year by MSU, is free and is a huge success for the university.
Although there are already events that make people understand the cultural and background of people from around the world, these kinds...

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