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Racial Justice Essay

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In their lifetime, one in three African American men can expect to go to jail because of their skin color. Racial Justice and profiling is a huge issue in America because innocent men and women are being targeted because of their skin color. On February 26, 2012 a young African American teenager was shot and killed because of his skin color (“Crime and Race Follow-up: Shooting of unarmed Black Teenager in Florida creates Civil Uproar.” Issues and Controversy Facts on File News Services, 16 April 2012. Web. 11 Feb 2014). Racial inequality is as real as it was fifty plus years ago during the Civil Rights Movement, and we need to work together and stop the hate.
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“Racial Justice: Overview.” Issues: Understanding Controversy and Society. ABC-CLIO, 2014 web. 12 Feb. 2014). Giving African American children the good education they need to succeed will benefit America’s standings. The case, Fisher v. University of Texas, involved the admissions process at the University of Texas, in Austin which automatically accepted students who were in the top 10% of their class but the University gave a second look towards admitting them because of their race (“Affirmative Action” Issues and Controversies. Facts on File news services, 29, July 2013 web. 12 Feb. 2014). The more people able to learn and thrive with their knowledge will benefit America for the better. Everyone can succeed we just have to give them the right chances.
Giving African Americans equality is what needs to happen. Giving them fairness in job opportunities will set up America to thrive. If parents of color get treated equally in not only what they get paid but in the ability to get jobs fairly their kids could go to better schools and stay in school. Some kids drop out of school to support their families because their parents do not get paid enough. If parents do not get equal amounts of pay or job opportunities, their kids might have to drop...

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