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Racial Profiling Gives Examples And Real Instances Where Blacks And Minorities Were Victims Of Racial Profiling.

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Racial ProfilingJust what is racial profiling? Racial profiling occurs when the police target someone for investigation on the basis of that person's race, national origin, or ethnicity ( Examples are the use of race to determine which drivers to stop for minor traffic violations and the use of race to determine which motorists or pedestrian to search for contraband. Universally attested and detested, racial profiling is a widespread police tactic. Although blacks and foreigners experience different forms of racial profiling, they both share many similarities.Blacks have been the main suspects of racial profiling. Tens of thousands of black motorist on highways across the country are victims of racial profiling. Black drivers account for 26.2 percent of stops resulting from the use of radar or laser devices for from red-light violations; however, they only make up 15.1 percent of the country's population. Today, skin color makes you a suspect in America. It makes you more likely to be searched and more likely to be arrested and imprisoned. In Montgomery, black drivers were stopped with a disproportionate rate when compared with the number of blacks in the county( Police Chief Charles A. Moose said at a news conference that he thinks black drivers are being stopped at a fair rate. Racial profiling is prevalent in America. Despite the civil rights victories of 30 years ago, official racial prejudice still reflects throughout the criminal justice system.Not only blacks, but foreigners too have become victims of racial profiling.According to police, about 460 American Indians in Montgomery were stopped, however, there are only 2,500 in the county( Another foreign group that has been targeted is Hispanics. Hispanic drivers received a significantly higher number of equipment repair orders, civil and criminal citations, and arrests. However, driving is not the only area where foreigners have been targeted for racial profiling. Since September 11, investigators have been trying to comprehend the ongoing threat of terrorist attacks. As a result a large number of Middle Eastern men have been imprisoned. There are 1,147 detainees being held on account of these attacksOf the 1,147, Justice officials have specially...

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2260 words - 9 pages conducted at Northeastern university found that, “… 74.7 percent of speeders were White, while 17.5 percent were Black. In contrast, according to MSP data, Blacks constituted 79.2 percent of the drivers searched…” (Ramirez, McDevitt, & Farrell, n.d.). The high levels of disproportion in Black speeders to car searches shows how frequently racial profiling happens in our day to day lives.Trayvon Martin was a victim of racial profiling and neither

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1589 words - 6 pages African-American men as criminals can come from both of these tracts. Like everyone else, police must unlearn this bias and judge people based on their actions alone. The big difference is that police, at times, have power over our freedom. Racial profiling of African-Americans and Latinos is rampant at all levels of law enforcement today. For example, approximately 72 percent of all routine traffic stops on an interstate in the Northeast were of

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1249 words - 5 pages misleading information were all the ways the media besmirched his name. Media bias is sometimes necessary to open the eyes of the people to the truth. But in this case the media convicted Zimmerman innocent, by using false and mislead information. Many people believe that the jury bias that they were- decide Zimmerman to be innocent, because he was white. Racial profiling is very common on the streets and in the airports. New York’s Stop and

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596 words - 3 pages not a new activity but is now more widely seen on the streets and in social media which in turn has caused a negative impact on law enforcement and social unrest among minorities. In fact, "Carter indicates that the debate involving racial and ethnic profiling following the terroristic attacks opened the doors for the federal government to conduct more extensive routine enforcement and investigations which will probably get out of hand" [1]. How

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1827 words - 8 pages %) were twice as likely as White drivers (2.1%) to be arrested during a traffic stop. ("The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights.") However, this war on racial injustice is not only about African Americans. The U.S has always been struggling in honoring this mass diverse “melting pot” of race and culture and drawing a line in equality and justice. An example of racial profiling was against Hispanics. In January 2012, the federal

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726 words - 3 pages . Zimmerman and Officer Marysol both treated the black victims harshly based on their appearance. Many will act as if they are not a part of racial profiling by denying the fact that they are not prejudice. However the episode, “Bike Theft: What Would You Do?” on ABC News released on May 6, 2010 proves otherwise. Two professional actors are put to the task of stealing a bike. The differences between those actors are their race and their appearance. The

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1114 words - 4 pages there is still a great portion of the community in general that believes that black people are contrabandists, dealers, problematic, etcetera, and authorities obviously have made mistakes at the time of dealing with situations. As stated by a human right coalition called The Leadership Conference, there are some actions that authorities have to perform in order not to constitute racial profiling. Here some hypothetical examples: 1. A police

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3011 words - 12 pages IntroductionWhat is racial profiling? Who exactly does it affect? These, among many others, are some of the questions that will be answered in this paper. As defined by West's Encyclopedia of American Law, racial profiling is the consideration of race, ethnicity, or national origin by a law enforcement officer in deciding when and how to intervene in an enforcement capacity. For laypeople this term means having an officer take action against you

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1078 words - 5 pages of dangers every day but brutality and profiling is not acceptable and should result in punishment. Police face many dangers like vehicle crashes even when outside of the pursuit. The American citizen should not believe TV shows like Cops because they only show the rarest of days for policemen and women everywhere. As a result some police officers resort to beating criminals and or innocent citizens to deal with the stress. Racial profiling is

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698 words - 3 pages a more strict training in the justice system it needs to be enforced that racial profiling isn’t adequate to rely on. An analysis of the contentious justice system reveals that the challenge of racial profiling can be solved one person at a time, by a change of perception and ending stereotypes. Defined by Criminal Justice Today, racial profiling is “Any police initiated action that relies on the race ethnicity, or national origin, rather than

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796 words - 4 pages that racial profiling was an issue towards young children. These children were given the impression that “white people” are nice, and beautiful and that people of their race are bad and evil. These developed unnecessary negative self-esteem issues very early in life. Black children were told not to be around white children and that white children were mean. Segregation in schools and nearly all public areas gave blacks the impression that white

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3299 words - 13 pages United States (see Engel et al. 2002; Harris 1997) suggest that they are." (Wortley, Tanner, 2003, para 8). But because of the cases where minorities are treated unfairly they are scared and hesitant to interact with police. It must be pointed out that racial profiling violates the Fourth Amendment, which is the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures..., yet

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2178 words - 9 pages many agencies charged with racial profiling is that a lot of the officers will become more hesitant to pull over someone of color even if they are breaking the law (AZ Attorney General, 2001:3). They worry that the person will get a lawyer and accuse them of racial profiling. I interviewed a DPS officer that worked I40 from Williams to Winslow. There were a number of racial profiling cases that occurred in this area. According to him a number

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