"Racial Profiling Is Wrong And We Will End It In America"

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On February 26, 2004 congress introduced bipartisan legislation called the "End Racial Profiling Act", (ERPA). This is intended to end racial bias in law enforcement, because this tactic erodes community trust."No American is to be subject to law enforcement encounters based on crude bias," said Laura W. Murphy, Director of the ACLU Washington Legislative Office.This is a bill whose introduction comes from The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which defends the bill of rights.http://www.aclu.org/SafeandFree/SafeandFree.cfm?ID=15102&c=207The ACLU was founded in 1920 after the suppression of World War II. The ACLU is the nations guardian to preserve and protect individual rights and freedom. There were Palmer Raids that were initiated due to terrorist's attacks that are today affecting the way we view terrorism. There are a lot of victims to this nations racial profiling especially after the 911 attacks that we the people need to support. We need to stick to old-fashioned policing determined by facts and evidence. We are a free nation and in order to be free and safe we must live up to that by supporting this legislation."Racial profiling has plagued this country for years and since September 11th it has grown uncontrollably," said LaShawn Y. Warren, an ACLU Legislative Counsel. "The premise of this modest bill is straightforward: Race, ethnicity and religion are not grounds for criminal suspicion."Part of this new bill is allowing the attorney general to refuse grants to non- compliant departments, and require them to produce data supporting their accountability.Part of the provisioning process is:Ø Defining racial profiling as relying on race, ethnicity,...

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1722 words - 7 pages Racial Profiling of Asians in America      "Have you heard the one where someone broke into this guy's house and all his electronics were stolen but they knew that the burglar was Asian because the math homework that was left on the kitchen table was completed?  What about the one how Asians get their names?  By dropping a fork down the stairs."  In the first issue of the Asian American magazine, Amerisian, the magazine

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1375 words - 6 pages were violated (Blanks 2015). Motorist discrimination is just a underlying part of police corruption. I can say I have been a victim of “DWB”. While I do no like to relate everyday events to racial stigmas, officers make it noticeable that their perception has changed once they recognize your gender, race, and age. As a driver of a Chrysler Sebring, a long silver convertible, coupled with my style of dress, I am often mistaken as a young

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1120 words - 4 pages how erroneous it is to judge people without evidence. Although Cole and William were very successful in matters of showing situations and qualitative information about racial profiling in their articles, both of them fail at some points. In the article Road Rage, Williams does a good job trying to make society aware of the racial profiling problem and also trying to make each citizen more conscious about its consequences through communities

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1295 words - 5 pages and the politicians try to categorize Americans and split us into groups turning one against another. Politics turn Democratic Americans against Republican Americans and the media turns white Americans against Americans of color. As a result, the sense of feeling as one nation is lost, causing prejudice, dishonesty, and hate. Christopher Edley, Jr. states in his essay "The New American Dilemma: Racial Profiling Post-9/11" that our diversity is what

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751 words - 4 pages Racial Profiling has been around ever since the 911 incident for the sake of the National security. Although it must not be a reason to keep the peaceful civilian in a threat of getting captured just because of their outlooks and their nationality, religion etc. It does not mean if one person is a national threat, the ones whose alike are all terrorists. All human beings are individual, and unique we cannot characterize a person without knowing

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1265 words - 5 pages There is dispute regarding what defines racial profiling. Critics ask Is it racist, or is a necessary part of law enforcement. Racial profiling is identified by Adele Cassola in her article as unjust whereas Denyse Coles argues that racial profiling is necessary and is not considered racism. According to the Ontario Human Rights Commission “Racial profiling is based on stereotypical assumptions because of one’s race, colour, ethnicity, etc

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