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Racial Profiling Is Wrong Essay

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American Civil Liberties Union defines racial profiling as “discriminatory practice by law enforcement officials of targeting individuals for suspicion of crime based on the individual's race, ethnicity, religion or national origin”. Race is “ defined as referring to major biological divisions of people form the world” ( Kats and Walker. 390). While Ethnicity “ refers to the culture differences, such as language, religion, family, and foodways”( 390). Using these definitions the range in which profiling a person or group is unlimited. Meaning a police officer can use your name, the color of your skin, the way to talk for any reason. Profiling allows the police to use race to help determine if they will stop a car, check a bag at the store, or frisk a person on the street. While using race alone to decide if a crime has been committed is illegal in most states officers must find another reason to make a arrest or to give a ticket. Most racial profiling can be seen that major drug crimes are committed by minorities. Maybe that why gap that has formed between white cops, blacks and Hispanic population is a two way steam. Most minority groups have been influenced to dislike police officers. For example a survey taken in 1997 shows that 42 percent of Hispanics and 33 percent of blacks have respect for the police. The question remains is it right for law enforcements officials to use profiling. One argument is that racial profiling helps crackdown on crime and drug trafficking.

Looking at the history of America it shows that racial profiling as always been apart of our society. During the slaver era African-Americans where to care Free Persons of color cards to help white people know if they where free, and the name of the person. Much like a driver license today. One of the major ears of climax was during the Civil Rights Movement. Where the deadly forces ratio was eight to one, for every black man to one white person. Also the past has shown us that the majority of the crimes occur in low income neighborhoods. And most of the people that live in those environments are Hispanics and African-Americans, who have grown up to believe that police officers will arrest, beat, and hurt them for any reason. For example in the 90’s Robert Wilkins was pulled over by a Maryland police officer who asked if he could search his car. Wilkins benign a Harvard law school graduate knew that with out a warrant he had no right. Yet the police officer made the family wait until a drug dog could come. Afterward gave Robert a 105 dollar fine. Letter Wilkins filled a lawsuit against the police department which became know nation wide as Wilkins v. Maryland. This is only one example of a overly blown traffic stops against American-Americans.

During the 1990’s, activists, community groups, and civil rights organizations were striving to combat the issue of racial profiling, as it became prevalent knowledge through high-profile events that it was...

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