Racial Profiling Of Asians In America

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Racial Profiling of Asians in America

   "Have you heard the one where someone broke into this guy's house and all his electronics were

stolen but they knew that the burglar was Asian because the math homework that was left on the

kitchen table was completed?  What about the one how Asians get their names?  By dropping a fork

down the stairs."  In the first issue of the Asian American magazine, Amerisian, the magazine introduces

an Asian American perspective of how a community is viewed in today's society..  For many years,

Asian Americans strive to distance themselves to the subjective racial stereotypes and profiling society

places on them.  Asian Americans have been trying to find their place in the American society.  The

efforts of gaining the admiration in society may appear as a seemingly possible task to attain, yet the

communities continues to thrive.  Unfortunately, many Asian Americans are still being treated unjustly.

Wen Ho Lee, a former nuclear scientist at Los Alamos Laboratories, has been an American citizen for

the past 27 years, however  was sentenced to prison with no bail because he was transferring documents

in his office from a classified computer to an unclassified computer.  "He remains in his cell 23 hours a day,

sometimes in shackles. He has limited contact with his family, and until recently, was not allowed to

speak in his native language" (Murthy).  His case is still not final.  People are constantly trying to prove

that what had happened to him was a cause of mistreatment and racial profiling. A man named

John Deutch, now a professor at MIT, had transferred documents as Mr. Wen did, however, was not

treated the same as Mr. Wen.  A Harvard College Asian American student commented, "It has been

difficult to bridge links with other communities of color because Asians Americans are perceived as

"model minorities"(Murthy).  For many Asian Americans, the struggle through adolescence into

adulthood is overwhelmed by the racial-profiling that society imposes through forms of education,

professions, and media influences.

     Over the years, the role of AsianAmericans have transcended from uneducated immigrants

to almost a new type "standard" in American education. Society recognizes them as being brainy

when it comes to math and science, but fall short interms of liberal art classes because of their inability

to speak up (Racist Love).  In turn, many studentswill limit their choices of a college major.  "Most

Asian men would major in engineering and computer relatedfields as opposed to women, who study

science related courses" (Perng).  Despite havingthe disadvantage in liberal arts classes, Asian Americans

are very devoted to their work.  They are usuallyseen as being quiet, yet excel in academic activities

in school.  They embrace a special kind of dedicationtowards education to...

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