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Racial Profiling Of The Black Male

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Racial Profiling of the Black Male
Racial profiling occurs when authority uses someone’s race or ethnicity to decide whether or not to use enforcement. This controversial act is highly illegal and is mostly caused by stereotypes of certain races and ethnicities. Black males are mostly targeted due to the color of their skin, the type of car they drive, the genre of music they are listening to and how they are dressed. Some call this act DWB, driving while black. Black males are stopped and searched constantly with no probable cause just because of their race and gender. If a group of black males are riding in a car with hats on, and loud music they are more likely to get stopped than a ...view middle of the document...

Stereotypes have been developed over time by individuals acting a certain way or being involved in certain acts. Most people do not think about helping themselves so they will not fall under the certain stereotype and be targeted by police. If black males would clean up their look and educate themselves, stereotypes would change. Black males should stop walking around sagging and acting foolish in public. Maybe if people would not draw attention to themselves, the police would not target them as a threat. The police are here to keep citizens safe and out of harms way. According to Peter Braham, racial profiling (which encompasses ‘stop and frisk’) is a matter of fierce argument between the police, who contend that they are merely responding to ‘crime patterns’, and their critics, who contend that blacks and Hispanics are unfairly targeted by the police. If police officers and crime stoppers did not try to stop those that look like a threat to society, everyone would be very unsafe. No one ever thinks about how many times the police racially profiled a criminal and was correct. The police are here to get criminals off of the streets and have the right to do their jobs.
In the true story Fruitvale Station, Oscar Grant was racially discriminated after getting into a fight with an ex-inmate at a train station. After the fight, officers hand cuffed him and his friends and threw them on the ground. While Grant’s friends were let off, Grant was innocently shot and killed by one of the officers. In no, shape, form or fashion was the situation correct or supposed to happen the way it did. Oscar Grant did not deserve to be killed the way it occured. Getting into a public dispute was no reason for any person to be shot down.The officer that shot Grant only spent eleven months...

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