Racial Profiling Research Paper

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Racial Profiling Research Paper

Racial Profiling is the process of judging individuals based on skin color in a systematic way. It is like ordering ice cream based on the color and not the flavor. Racial profiling is an essential tool in our efforts to protect ourselves,however, it violates an individual's rights and should never be tolerated.
Racial profiling is common among African Americans. In the article "Black men in public spaces", Brent Staples shares a personal narrative about how people view black men, moreover, himself, and how it makes him feel. It all started out when Staples was walking late one evening in a rich neighborhood. There was a white woman walking directly in ...view middle of the document...

Racial profiling is targeting individuals for security based on their race or ethnicity, assuming that these people are apart of bad behavior. They suspect this just of the way people are dressed and their unusual behavior. Racial profiling disrespects an individual's rights and should never be condoned.
Another example of Racial profiling was in the New York Times article "Racial Profiling Rife at Airport, U.S. Officers Say", Michael S. Schmidt and Eric Lichtblau show that Transportation Security Administration offices are pulling aside more minorities than necessary for "suspicious " behavior. One officer who witnessed the racial profiling at the airport shared his thoughts on the condition of "being anonymous ". He stated "They just put aside anyone who they don't like the way they look". The TSA had been receiving many complaints about profiling at their meetings but a spokesman of the TSA refused the claim and this led to more officers to complain. It is sad that a passenger who is acting suspicious can be pulled from a line and be questioned. For example at Logan Airport a passenger , Kenneth Boatner, was traveling to Atlanta and was pulled out of line and searched. However, the officers did not give him a specific reason as to why they were searching him. Boatner than thought that the reason was because he was black! This made him feel ashamed, because he "had never been subjected to anything like that". The transportation agency denies inappropriate actions and defends it's program. Pulling people aside because of their behavior was bad science, it didn't prove anything. You couldn't tell if anyone was lying or if they had part in any terrorist act. After all the complaints and the searches of innocent people David S. Mackey stated that in a security program there should be no racial profiling founding and that it is unlawful and it does not benefit them into finding what they are looking for.
Similarly, in the article “Racial profiling rampant at Logan airport”, the UPI NewsTrack states that the behavior detection...

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