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Racial Psychohistory Essay

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“You are neither a Hong Konger nor a British, you are a Han and this shall never change”, said by my mother when I was ten years-old.
In 30 June 1997, the sovereignty of Hong Kong handed back to China. However in that day, all the newspapers headline were “Hong Kong is dead”, even over 70% of Hong Konger is Chinese. Apparently, my family is not an exception; we did not give up our UK citizenship. Being a primary school student, I always asked my dad why we do not hold the Hong Kong SAR passport. And, as always, my dad gives me three word “China is bad”. Why my dad will has a poor national identity? It is because my grand-grandfather was a rich entrepreneur in Shanghai. His business was very successful even Japanese invaded China; it did not affect his business so much. But after the communist defeated Japan and launched “Cultural Revolution”. My grand-grandfather became labor force instantly and the communist confiscates his company which caused him to lost 2 hundred million (avg. salary for a teacher is $5.00mo). After hearing this news my grand-grandfather got a heart attack and dead after few days. But the tragedy did not end immediately; the “red guard” wanted our family. Lucky my grandfather escaped the “red guard” and pilfered to Hong Kong. He met his wife in Hong Kong and my dad was born in there. Because of this tragedy, my grandfather hates Chinese, as a result, he tried forget all the Chinese culture and learn the “White Culture”, which also changed his ethnicity from Chinese to British and transmitted this construct across the generation (i.e. my father). As a result my dad always told me that I am a British when I was young.
According to Phinney’s Model of Ethnic Identity Development [1], there are three stages to develop the ethnicity. At the very first time (i.e. The First Stage); acquiring the attitudes about ethnic identity is from parents. However, my sense of my ethnic identity remained ambiguous before I became a teenager. It is because my mother has a totally different story. My maternal grandparents, whose is a farmer in Hong Kong, witnessed how mighty the communist party is. In the late 80s, Japan was the owner of Hong Kong due to WWII. During these times many women were forced to become comfort women. Initially, when the Japanese discovered the village that my maternal grandparents live, my maternal grandma should become comfort women, but she used some trick to pretend she is a sick and ugly women. However, the village cannot satisfy the Japanese soldiers; the Japanese hanged my maternal grandma. (Lucky my grandma did not die because of the rope broke).Therefore when the communal party defeated the Japanese, and took back Hong Kong, they were very pleased. As a result, my mother keeps telling me that we should pound of our nation and my ethnicity is Han.
But three things are obvious, since all my ancestors are came from China and shared same culture, race. Therefore, I am able to define my race as Yellow. Also I...

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