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In his book The Warlock, Michael Scott writes that “‘[My wife] told me I’d stopped thinking of people as individuals. They were masses – faceless and anonymous... so what do you see – faceless masses or individuals?’” (Scott 144-145). When he wrote these lines, Scott was referring to a group of people planning to slaughter an entire city. Society might not do something as brutal as that physically – but we have no problem of doing so socially. Every day people are discriminated against, beaten up, taunted, bullied, and sometimes even killed, just because a person has a different skin color, acts differently, or simply because they have different postures on certain ideas. These people are viewed as “faceless masses” since not many look past their skin to see their personality; they just see a person who is part of a group they don’t like. Modern society has a general degree of segregation almost everywhere one looks. For example, in our higher education, universities base college admittance on detrimental things such as their race. This decision, called affirmative action, is argued by many, causing even causing the Supreme Court to be involved. Universities should not use racial and/or gender profiling when admitting students because it reduces academic standards, denies students equal opportunities to enter college, and frequently causes minority students to be coerced into dropping out of college.
Firstly, colleges should not use racial and/or gender profiling when determining students because it may cause colleges to have to lower academic standards when picking students. A survey performed on insidehighereducation.com during September 2011 revealed two-fifths of admission personnel have said yes to applicants from minorities despite having lower grades than other applicants on average, showing that minority groups are being represented at the cost of college standards. If academic standards are lowered, college standards may slowly decline and eventually be unable to prepare students sufficiently. Additionally, a research paper done by Daniel Koretz, a professor of education at Harvard, shows that minority groups have a lower test grade on average than other racial groups. Lower test grades generally indicate less studying skills, which is bad for school. Finally, an article by Russel K. Neili, a lecturer at Princeton University, shows that majority groups, like Asians and white people, often have to work harder than other minority groups to be admitted to some colleges. It is not fair to give minority students an easier method of getting into college, and then giving majority groups a harder time of getting into college. In conclusion, racial and/or gender profiling should not influence college admissions, because academic standards may be lowered.
In addition, colleges should not use racial profiling because it is important for students to have equal opportunities to enter college. In the Supreme Court case Grutter v. Bollinger...

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