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Racism: A Global Disease Essay

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“Webster’s English dictionary defines racism as a belief in the superiority of some races over others; prejudice against or hatred of other races; discriminatory behavior toward people of another race," when in reality it is ignorance to not allow others to be individuals. Canada has laws to protect our people from such crimes, but they are not always efficient, and people sometimes have found way of getting around these laws. Many people are naive and do not realize how much racism truly still occurs in our society, even at the present day. Most times if someone gets frustrated about something that is happening to them they blame a certain group of people for something that is not functioning properly in their own life, this leads to racism. Frustration and not being knowledgeable on a subject can also cause racism. Racism has made it so it is no longer safe to walk down the streets without fear. Not only is racism in the streets, but where we work, in schools and how society judges us by what they see instead of who we are. It seems odd that we cannot be individuals and we all must be the same yet society wants us to be individuals. If we were all a bunch of robots society would still being naïve and somehow still find a way to be racist toward each other. Racism steams from a large chain of events we begin to learn from the day we were born, when the people who are caring for us implant their beliefs into our heads. If you were told all your life that a cat was truly a dog, then unfortunately that would be your belief it may be wrong, but you would not know that. The same goes for what we see we define people by the color of their skin instead of the true person who may be before us. So if we began by looking at our own values in life and how we would like to be treated, we may be able to stop some of the racial views we have implanted in society as a whole. Instead of pointing fingers in other direction, we should look in the mirror to take blame of our own actions, from the events that are happening in the world around us. When we realize how it is affecting our own individual lives we can then determine a way to change these habits to correct the problem.
To ask if racism still exists in society today the answer is yes, it happens all around us. We must start within ourselves to change our habits of how we treat this disease so that we can begin to rid it from society. Racism comes in many forms and more often than not it is projected outwards as a form of violence onto others. Safety is a large concern when it comes to racism, walking down the street can become very difficult depending on your social status, the color of your skin; your heredity or your sexual preference. One such event happened in the city of Thunder Bay. A young man was the result of a hate crime because of his sexual preference. The attack left him with 15 fractures to his cheekbone, a broken eye socket, a broken jaw and a broken upper palate. It is these kinds of...

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