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Racism, A Scar On The Face Of Humanity

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Racism- A Scar on the Face of HumanityRacism took roots in American society when the first Europeans landed on this soil. Discrimination and segregation have long been condemned by many individuals, but it took about 200 years for American government to grant equal rights to every citizen, after the Civil Rights movement. The law for equality was passed in 1964, but its implementation is not yet complete. Racism can be observed in our lives in the form of police brutality, both physical and psychological, racial profiling and hate crimes.Police, who people view as protector of Civil Liberties, has become one of the leading causes of racism in this country. Physical abuse of ethnic minorities by cops was commonplace before the Civil Rights movement, making Martin Luther King notice that "the Negro is the victim of unspeakable horrors of police brutality" (20). Even though actions have been taken to stop police brutality, it is still prominent.For example, two white police officers, James Comito and Matthew Thiel, kicked and beat Jeremiah Mearday, an African American eighteen-year-old in Chicago ("Chicago", par. 2). Officers reported that Mearday resisted arrest and punched Comito, but both these charges were false, as Comito had no physical injury and the officers were arresting Mearday without probable cause, just based on his race. Cases like these fuel the fire of racism, which this country has been trying to suppress for decades.Abner Luima, a Haitian immigrant living in New York, became another victim of police brutality, when cops abused him in a police station bathroom, in !997 (Cose 42). The physical abuse included, among other things, "shoving a nightstick up Luima's rectum." "Since that day.... I have vowed to do everything I can to ensure that the torture and cover-up I suffered will not be inflicted on my children or anyone else's children in the future," Luima states, reflecting back at his experience, horrified. The chances of a white man suffering such abuses is much less than a colored man, as most of the police abuse cases involve colored people. It would seem that police around the country today is abusing its power for their own enjoyment rather than for the safety of the general public.Another case of police brutality occurred on July 10, 1997, when Eric Holder, an off duty police officer was beaten by white officers on the scene of a shooting, despite Holder's identifying himself as a cop ("Chicago", par. 6). The officers also, according to Holder, "yelled racial epithets at him." Holder was charged with battery and resisting arrest and convicted in March 1998. The white officers told him, "You are not one of us." People can't trust police officers to treat civilians of racial minorities fairly when one of the police officers himself is beaten by his fellow officers just because of his ethnicity. A similar case, which had severe consequences, was that of the beating of Rodney Glen King, a famous sportsman, by LAPD police...

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