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Racism After The Terrorist Attacks On 9/11

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Racism is an important issue and I have always wondered why people have been racist toward anyone. Throughout history many groups of people have been discriminated against. Such groups that have been discriminated against are African American, Chinese, Arabs, and Gays. After any situation, I have always been against racist action but haven't really thought it was a big deal until the September 11th, 2001 incident.I was in my senior year of high school, and it was just another day of boring classes. Everything was going well until my buddy came into advisement and said, "Did you see what's ...view middle of the document...

That was when I started going through some changes about what I believe in.Up until 9/11 I was not racist toward anyone, but since then I have different feelings about Arabs. I used to feel that all people were equal regardless of race. Now when I see them it's weird to be around them, because I can't help but wonder how they could do such a thing. I know that not all Arabs are dangerous and out to start a war, but just knowing the facts of 9/11 doesn't help my opinion.Racism in the United States has existed since the beginning of this country. It is an establishment that has significantly shaped our American society. Over the years, many non-White and White citizens have fought against others belief on the color of one's skin. As historic racial discrimination grew, the resemblance of obvious racism was replaced by a more hidden racism. Even though racism may not be as out in the open anymore, there is evidence of the acts of racism still in existence today.Racism is something that should be taken very seriously. I've always felt equal towards everyone and I used to think it was wrong to be racist. My beliefs on racism came to an end the day of terrorist attacks from Iraq. I believe now that being racist toward people is not really acceptable but considerable. It all depends on the reasons for being racist. I believe now that people of every race are subject to racist treatment

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